Sex life

What a woman with everything wants for Christmas

“I want to tie you up”.

I’d thought it for days, and now after opening the Christmas present he’d bought me I’d finally said it.

He’d seen the look of disappointment on my face and asked “well what do you want then?”.

Ten days earlier, after finally giving in to the hype, I’d downloaded the 50 Shades trilogy hoping to find some excitement on our annual winter holiday. Now, that was exactly what I wanted, but not from being on the receiving end of anything: he wasn’t going to restrain me. I’m the breadwinner in our house. I’m the one who’s in charge.

“We don’t have anything to use” he’d replied matter-of-factly, “Otherwise I’d let you”. For three days I’d been thinking this through and wondering how he’d react, and how I’d react to whatever he said. Three days of thinking about little else. Three days of wanting to see what it was like.

“That’s alright” I said, nodding towards where my string bikinis were hanging up to dry, “we can use those”.



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