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Not the Conversation I’d Been Expecting

All he said was something about how he’d been expecting me to do it sooner as I’d obviously enjoyed it so much at Christmas. Turns out that other than the surprise of “all of a sudden getting into bondage” (how could it happen gradually?) the only thing that had really bothered him was how tight I’d tied his wrists and how oblivious I’d been to how much the bikinis had cut into him.

Now, after a mark-free, wrist-pain-free, 45 minutes we were able to sit in the bed and talk about it calmly.
He told me how much he loves me, and how whatever it is that I want (“especially dressed like that“), he’s willing to go along with, and I’ve managed to reassure him that there was never any intent to hurt him in any way. I love him too much for that.

He also confessed that at New Year he’d not been completely honest with me. That night, when we’d discussed my turning into what he’d described as some rabid Mrs Hyde, he’d failed to mention that in many ways he’d enjoyed the experience, but wasn’t sure if confessing would “only encourage me” (he wouldn’t say to do what). Well, now that I know that, whether to save it as a treat for me or for him is something that needs serious consideration!


2 thoughts on “Not the Conversation I’d Been Expecting

  1. LOL!!! Love it. You know you’re in a solid relationship when you can have THAT discussion with your spouse, neither of you outwardly freaking out. Not sure if it’s “being adult” or just being in the right relationship, but I know exactly where you’re coming from!!

    1. Thank you, but until two months we didn’t have any sort of conversation like this one (or some of the others we’ve had lately!).
      TBH, I’d not even been curious to try anything that might need talking about and aren’t sure whether he had (he’s never suggested anything really, even now).
      But you’re right: we are solid, just evolving!

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