Secret Wonder Woman Costume

The new me loves the feel of expensive underwear.
So much so that what I’ve got on now has cost more than the rest of my outfit, and my husband won’t even see me in them as I’ll have changed by the time he gets home tonight.
It’s not just the feel and the fit of the material, it’s also choosing and the putting them on that makes me feel not “sexy” so much, as confident. Somehow, having what feels at the moment like some kind of “secret” underneath my outer clothes is helping to make a difference to the way I am. I really wish that I’d done it ages ago instead of buying sets just for “special occasions”, as it’s not just vanity: it’s like getting special powers!

Ready for work
All dressed up like Wonder Woman!

2 thoughts on “Secret Wonder Woman Costume

  1. This definitely gives me something to think about. While I’ve stepped up my style of underwear, in my forties, I’ve never spent more than $6 on a pair. If I ever get to the point where I have tons of money, I may try this. I will say, though, that I have to match what’s underneath to what’s on the outside. If I don’t match I just feel off all day.

    Husband was prepping for work yesterday in his skivs. I commented on my enormous dislike of the color. He looked at me with total confusion and commented that he was just going to cover them up anyway, and questioned why it mattered. When I explained my “matching” philosophy he looked at me like I was a total freak.

    So I’m happy to see that it’s not just me. What’s underneath really DOES matter!!!

    1. For me, the extra expense has been well worth it, but I’ve never had the option of buying anything for $6 (that’s about £4?).
      In England even the “cheaper” brands retail at the equivalent of $20 so paying $50 (in your money) isn’t really that much of a leap.

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