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Butter Fingers

I’ve finally got my iPhone back after dropping it down the side of the lift recess at work two weeks ago when I got over-excited taking a picture in the basement to send my husband as part of another attempt at sexting.

Not that the image itself was any way exciting (& still isn’t – it’s this one), it was simply the thought, and then the act of actually taking it that affected me.Sext pic  Fortunately, as there’s no signal on the lower floor, nobody thought I was using it when it slipped, and when the service team retrieved it earlier today, the stand-by pin lock has ensured that what’s on it has remained private.

The plan had been to send the picture during lunch with a message something like:

Can you help me out of these tonight?

and seeing what the response was, and now I’ve got it back that’s still what might happen tomorrow, but the thrill isn’t really there any more, just relief at getting the phone back.


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