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Sext Error – Again!

Not really thinking it out, I sent him the text with the 2-week old picture and got what should have been a very predictable reply asking who the picture was of, and why had they been using my phone since that’s not the way I was dressed this morning (green trousers, & everything else white except my black jacket).
So, not wanting to look stupid, or lose whatever impact sending yet another of these sexts might have, I waited 30 minutes and replied that I’d left the phone in my desk but had forgotten to set the pin when attending a meeting.
Blaming a colleague was the easy part; wondering which one of them he now thought had sent the picture meant that I couldn’t concentrate properly all afternoon.
As it turned out, he’d assumed that the picture wasn’t of any of them, but was “from a magazine or something” as it was too cold for anyone to dress like that today, and then said “Why don’t you ever send me texts like that? Might be nice when I’m bored at work”.

My reply was a slowly spoken suggestion (instruction?) that he send me a sext message instead!


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