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Meal Matters

After we’d finished our usual shopping on Sunday morning, he half-heartedly leafed through the newspaper and after a brief kiss, declared that he was off to meet his friends for a bit and that I was to text him when I’d got the food ready.
Now, as I cook pretty much every meal, and enjoy doing it, being treated like some sort of 1950’s wife isn’t part of what I’m now all about, even if that might not have been the way he intended it to sound.

Sunday 1pm
Not dressed for dinner!

It took about 20 minutes before I sent him a text with a message saying something like “This is me not getting food ready”.

And followed it with “No food ready but I am”.

15 minutes later

He didn’t reply to either, which puzzled me at the time, although I now realise that he must have just put his drink down and set off back here without even saying goodbye to whoever he was with as he appeared within minutes.

He did reply to my “Now it’s ready” text about two hours later though, but that was only to ask if he could have it brought to him in bed!

Very funny. Smile icon

Well at least I think it was intended as a joke …


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