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On the tiles

We’ve just watched a television documentary (well I have, he was messing about on the internet while it was on), and apparently, WILLIAM (12) and KATE (8) struggle to finish a game of Scrabble without having a tiff.

The presenter said that the Duchess of CAMBRIDGE (17) told him that whenever she and her husband play, the game usually ends with one or other of them getting in a mood and slamming the board shut.

This usual way of playing Scrabble, where the loser is the first player to hit the table and scatter the letters all over the floor, was until about 3 hours ago, the way it had always been played in our house.

However, as he was only partly listening, he thought that they’d admitted to playing strip Scrabble “until they got in the mood” and so Googled “strip Scrabble rules” and suggested we play “like those two do”.

iPad Scrabble

As I’ve got a travel version on my iPad, there wasn’t going to be any need to tidy up after (tiles anyway), and so after about 5 minutes looking through what he’d found, decided instead to simply to remove an item of clothing if the other one of us used 5 tiles or scored over 30 in any one go.

Great fun, and tomorrow I’m going to try to think of some more rules, conditions and forfeits we can put in for playing at the weekend to make it last longer than half-an-hour.

The game that is, not what we did after I won …..Smile icon


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