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No Nylons Day

Before setting off to work today, I was watching television while deciding what to wear, and they had a piece about how it’s “Official No Nylons Day”.

They didn’t make clear if this included stockings or stay-ups, but preferred to concentrate on if we had the weather for it, or indeed the legs. I don’t possess any tights anyway (every pair went in the bin a couple of months ago), but do have a growing collection of alternatives to trousers and leggings, none of which would be entering into the spirit of what the presenters claimed was a “feminist initiative”. Quite how being cold achieves anything wasn’t made clear (something to do with not conforming to stereotypes), nor was how which actual day it falls on depends on where you live.
However, not wanting to be probably the only one showing bare white legs amongst a sea of 40+ deniers, but feeling an inclination to find a way of joining in, I decided on over-the-knee socks and a thigh-length skirt.

Knee socks

I don’t know if this counted, if I’ve shown feminist solidarity or let women every where down by taking part (if I have?), and there’s been nothing on twitter using the hashtags #tights or #legs to confirm either way, but at least I stayed warm while being thankful that it wasn’t windy!


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