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Pants to “No Pants Day”

According to one of my social media feeds, tomorrow is ‘No Panties Day’, or ‘No Panty’ in the US (why is it singular?).

As it sounded like a hoax – and I’m still not convinced – I’ve googled it and found that not only has it been trending on Twitter, there’s also a Facebook page dedicated to this so-called international day of freedom from underwear.
Unfortunately I can’t find any indication as to whether it’s supposed to be just to get our men excited – apparently they do: I’ve asked mine – or whether it’s to give cheap thrills to leching men wondering if we’ve joined in?
Anyway, it’s so warm here that I’m either going be wearing a mini dress in the morning or today’s denim shortsMe in Shorts again, both of which might lead to the possibility of flashing and that’s definitely not going to happen.

More importantly, I can’t see what any woman gets out of joining in with this campaign (why would we?), and as negatives I’d be foregoing the feel of La Perla lingerie against my skin while risking chaffing, rubbing and an uncomfortable breeze (even if my modesty was somehow preserved).

I might wander round the house for an hour or so naked from the waist down instead and see what effect it has…


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