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Man trained, brain training…

Ever since I took control of our sex life I’ve not only felt so much better about myself, but so much more alert, more intelligent really. Until today I’d put this down to the increase in my self-esteem, but according to some scientists it’s because orgasms are better for the brain than sudoku or crosswords.

Professor Barry Komisaruk has dedicated his career to understanding how intense pleasure affects the female brain. He’s discovered that orgasms “bring all the nutrients and oxygenation” to it. He apparently began his research into vaginal stimulation in the 1960s working with female rats using a technique to listen to the neurons firing in their brains and says “I tried all different kinds of stimulus like giving them chocolate milk and water and vinegar, brushing the fur and pinching their feet. I tried vaginal stimulation too.” When he did this, using a small glass rod, the rats momentarily became paralysed and appeared insensible to pain.

No word on whether male orgasms make them less intelligent, but there’s no doubting that most of them think with their penises anyway & not their heads!

Feet up doing the crossword - when he gets home I'll get my active another way!
Feet up doing the crossword – when he gets home I’ll keep my brain active another way!

2 thoughts on “Man trained, brain training…

  1. I suspect that you meant the third paragraph in fun, but having given sex a lot of philosophizing over the years, I must say that the penis (at least mine) has much unacknowledged wisdom. In other words, thinking with our genitals may make a lot more sense than we realize.

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