Unburied Treasure

I’ve just had to start using my old laptop while my usual one gets repaired, and on one of the bookmarks found this old diary blog that I’d stopped using when I discovered Tumblr.

I’ve never written much on there (Tumblr), mainly posting pictures with captions and reposting interesting images that I’ve found while browsing around on some of its more “adventurous” web sites.

What’s been really interesting is reading the posts on here and realizing how much I’ve changed since I wrote them.
The “me” of two years ago seems so much more innocent somehow than the “me” of today. Back then I’d never have looked thru some of the sites I now look at on a regular basis, nor would I have considered myself a dominant woman.

I do now.

I used to need to tell someone about what I got up to, as some of the things were so exciting (at the time), that I couldn’t keep them to myself, but that need disappeared about two years ago. Hence the migration to Tumblr.

Since my last post on here, my life has changed, my job has changed, and my husband has changed. He’s still the same individual, but he’s most definitely not the same person: I’ve changed him.

My intention isn’t to go back to diary entries on here, but there might be some as my other blog is really more suited to pictures, but I am going to use it for posting stories, items and comment pieces about Female Led Relationships.

So if you’re not interested in FLR, Femdom, the superiority of women etc, then don’t follow or bookmark this blog.

On the other hand, if that’s what you are interested in, please keep coming back and/or visit my other blog at

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2 thoughts on “Unburied Treasure

  1. if I can clarify this: your tumblr blog is for pictures and this blog is for text? And you’re restarting both blogs?
    I’m curious about your remark about changing your husband. How has he changed? -D

    1. I’ve been using my Tumblr blog most days for over two years, and intend to keep doing so, I’m only restarting to use this one.
      And yes, most of what I intend to put up here will be text.

      As to my “other half”: he used to be the slightly-more-than-equal “half” of our relationship.
      Now he’s the quite-a-lot-less-than-equal “half”.

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