Serial · Story

Never Bet Against the House (wives) – Four

Mrs Carter and Mrs Bradley looked at each other and then over at Mrs Jennings who nodded towards them. Gordon thought that she looked almost as embarrassed as he was.“She wants to shave you. Not your face or head or anything …the rest of you. She read about it on the back cover of a book she was putting away last week and now she wants to do it” said Mrs Bradley, and nodding towards Carol adding, “We’ll just watch.”

Gordon couldn’t understand. What was that all about? Why would a woman want to shave a man? He could see why Mrs Jennings was embarrassed, but couldn’t think either of a reason not to do as requested, or what reason she might have for making it. “Ok” he said, standing up while still managing to keep his hands covering as much of the cause of his embarrassment as he could.

“Just one more thing” added Carol Carter “personal restraint might not be possible for a naked and obviously aroused adult make when a woman is … well.. touching intimate parts of his anatomy. So it’ll probably be worthwhile taking a precaution.” “Precaution?” asked Gordon “I’m sure that I can control myself from doing anything to Mrs Jennings.”
Carol nodded, but added that as he’d never been in this sort of situation before, he couldn’t possibly know for sure, so in everybody’s interest it would be better if agreed to be handcuffed. “Not to a wall or anything, there’s no need for that … just maybe behind your back or something…?”

Gordon couldn’t think of a fault in what she’d said, and so agreed as Emma took him by the hand and led him upstairs to the bathroom where he immediately noticed two bottles of shaving foam and a pack of disposable razors laid out on the edge of the shower tray and wondered whether they were always there, or if Mrs Jennings had somehow known that he was going to end up naked and in debt after that last hand and put everything there when she’d disappeared earlier.

He got into the shower and Mrs Jennings gently grabbed one arm, pushed it round behind his back, reached for his other hand and then clicked a pair of handcuffs into place on his wrists.

She then started shaking one of the cans while the two other women stood in the doorway with their arms over each other’s shoulders, wearing nothing but their shoes and underwear, while Gordon Lister’s erection grew to a size he didn’t know it could grow to, and started to ache as if about to burst from its tip to the pit of his stomach.
He’d never felt that way before, and knew without any doubt that had he not been restrained he’d have been masturbating in the shower without a care as to who was watching.


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