Serial · Story

Never Bet Against the House (wives). Part Three

Gordon sat cross-legged with both hands on his lap, trying, and failing, to hide the erection beginning to protrude from his shorts, looked over at Mrs Carter and decided that as she was about forty maybe she’d gotten a bit too old to be a dancer, even though she still had the figure of one.

Carol Carter dealt again. Gordon was relieved to see that he’d been given a pair of queens as the two women to his left both had a ten and a jack. Mrs Carter put her two Aces down and said “split”.
“I didn’t know we could do that” said Gordon ruefully, “but I suppose as we’re playing Blackjack of sorts, then maybe I should have expected it.”Carol put a king on the first ace, and another king on the second. “I win” she said triumphantly, “twice”. “Can you win twice in one hand?” said Gordon “and what happens now?”

“Well you get to take those off” she said pointing at his boxers, “and what Sandra takes off is up to her”. Sandra Bradley stood up, unclipped the belt on her skirt, pushed it down her thighs and added it to the small pile of clothes behind her. “Off” said Mrs Carter calmly staring at Gordon, “you agreed to play, and we’ve taken clothes off without protest.” Gordon slid his shorts off without standing up, trying to cover up as much of his lower body that he could.

He felt embarrassed. He’d only ever been naked in front of his girlfriend before, and on those few occasions they’d both been fumbling around in the dark. Now he was sat facing two women wearing only their shoes and underwear who he couldn’t take his eyes off, and in front of a fully-clothed woman who had got up and started wandering around behind him.

“Want to try and win something to go home in?” asked Mrs Bradley “now that you’ve lost all your clothes.” “Lost?” said Gordon puzzled, “Don’t I get them back when the game’s finished?” “Of course not” replied Mrs Bradley, “That’s not what happens when you gamble. When you win, you get to go home with your winnings, and when you lose… well…..didn’t your mother tell you anything about the risks associated with gambling?”

He turned around intending to pick up whatever he could and see what the women did: but his clothes, and Emma Jennings, had disappeared. “Where have they gone?” nodding towards the space on the carpet where his clothes had been, “and where’s Mrs Jennings?” “Oh she’ll back in a minute. But like we said, you’ll need to win something to wear”. “Ok” said Gordon, “but I don’t have anything to stake. You’ve taken all my clothes.”

He heard the returning Mrs Jennings’s voice behind him, “Forfeits Gordon ….. we use them instead of clothes remember?” “Ok, but we can’t keep playing winner decides, it’s not fair. It should be the lowest hand who forfeits or strips, otherwise I’ve no chance of getting any clothes back.”

All three women looked at each other, smiled, and nodded in agreement. “Lowest total with two cards is the loser?” suggested Carol Carter, with her semi-naked friend adding “but only two cards and no extras. Winner is whoever has the highest score.” Gordon agreed and Carol Carter dealt out two cards face down to each player. “Are we all agreed before we turn them over?”

All four nodded, and the three women smiled in turn as they turned over totals of 11, 14 and 10. Gordon’s excitement increased, not just because he was sat in front of two attractive semi-clothed women, but because he didn’t see how he could lose this one. And then he turned over a pair of fours.

His first thought was that surely nobody could be this unlucky as he’d not had the lowest hand each time, but somehow lost 8 out of 10 hands. His second thought was what were the three of them talking about, and what was the forfeit he was about to be asked to perform?

Carol spoke softly and very precisely. “Emma knows what she wants you to do, but she’s too shy to mention it.” Gordon thought as she was too shy to say what it was, then it couldn’t be too bad. He’d wondered if the other two might want him to do something to make up for the lack of affection on their lives, but Mrs Jennings? She worked in the local library. What could she want? “Ok. I agreed to play. Whatever it is, I’ll do it.”


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