Serial · Story

Never Bet Against the House (wives). Part Two

“How about a kiss?” said Mrs Bradley, to no one in particular, but within seconds her two friends were locked in a passionate embrace, their hands outside and then inside each other’s clothing, only stopping to turn and look at Gordon who was relieved to be still clothed and sat down so that the uncomfortable growing bulge in his jeans wasn’t as obvious as it could have been.

Gordon sat politely without speaking, mainly because he couldn’t think of anything to say, or to whom, but after several minutes Mrs Carter pulled away from Emma, and without speaking continued to deal.

The next three hands were played in almost total silence, except for the instruction at the end of each one that he should remove an item of clothing after one of the women turned over a higher score than his.
Gordon was shirtless when he won the sixth hand and asked Sandra to take something off only the basis that it had been her who’d just asked him. She slowly unbuttoned her top, staring intently into his eyes as she did so, slipped it off and put it behind her.

Gordon couldn’t help but stare back, but not at her eyes as the black bra supporting her breasts was more off a shelf than a pair of cups. He shuffled uncomfortably where he sat, still grateful to be clothed below the waist.
The next hand he received from Mrs Carter was another win, and therefore another choice, but if he asked Sandra Bradley to take something off where might that lead? He asked Carol Carter instead. She stood up, unfastened her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She stepped out of it, sat back down, and threw it on top of Sandra Bradley’s blouse.

All three women were now staring at him. He felt so embarrassed that he didn’t know where to look, and concentrated on his cards to avoid the possibility of making any sort of eye contact, before nervously looking up at the clock above the fireplace. If he took his time then there’d only be another three hands before the hour was up, and by the laws of probability he was due to win 2 of them, so he wasn’t going to end up naked and obviously aroused in front of his mother’s friends.

He was dealt 17 in the next hand, and thought about taking an extra card but didn’t want to risk whatever the forfeit might be. Maybe he’d just be asked to take something off anyway? Emma had 20, and once again the other two took extra cards to go over 21. “Kiss again” said Emma Jennings and turning towards Gordon “and you can take something off.” He stood and unzipped his jeans, and struggled to push them down over the erection which was straining at the limits of his boxers as Mrs Carter and Mrs Bradley kissed and groped each other. That one was partially clothed from the waist up, and the other partially clothed from the waist down made it the most erotic sight Gordon had ever witnessed.

“Sorry, but are you two … er.. um… you know …..?” stuttered Gordon unable to look anywhere other than directly forward. “Gay?” replied Carol “No, we’re not. And neither is Emma. We’re all just short of …..” “Affection” interrupted Mrs Jennings. “Sandra and I are just bored …. very bored .. housewives with husbands so much older than we are …. and Carol hasn’t met anyone since she moved here from Vegas after her divorce.”


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