Serial · Story

Never Bet Against the House (Wives)

Emma slowly covered him in foam, and then gradually and carefully started to shave as the erotic charge building up in his body was sending him so close to a climax that the slightest of touches in the wrong place … the right place! …was going to …“Oh no you don’t!” shouted Emma Jennings as she grabbed the base of his penis between the finger and thumb of her left hand.

She held on until his urge to climax had subsided slightly, and then started again as the spectators in the doorway doubled over with laughter “She’s right. She is an expert at keeping a man on the edge. Must be all those books she reads” said one of them. Gordon didn’t know which as the intense pain of being so close and yet so far from an orgasm meant that he was unable to focus on anything other than trying to stand so still that Emma’s razor didn’t accidently cut him if he moved.

He didn’t know how long Emma Jennings took to shave him, or how many times her fingers had teased him to the edge of an orgasm and then brought him back again, but the time she’d finished he could hardly stand. She towelled him down and then led him from the bathroom, down the stairs and into the main room where Mrs Bradley and Mrs Carter were now sat fully clothed, drinking wine and listening to classical music. “Tada!” exclaimed Mrs Jennings making what sounded like musical note, “as smooth as the proverbial baby’s…..”They both turned round and nodded approvingly “And he’s still standing to attention we see.” said Carol. “And he must be absolutely fit to burst by now” added Sandra laughing.

“Please unlock these handcuffs and give me my clothes back” pleaded Gordon, “I’ll do anything!” “Well, we will when we’ve found the keys,” replied Carol “we’ve looked everywhere but no luck so far. Have you any idea where they might be Emma?” Emma Jennings shook her head “no, sorry. Perhaps we should have made sure we could find them before we did this to Gordon?” “Or maybe Gordon should have checked that we had the keys before he let us handcuff him?” added Carol, starting to laugh. “It’s not my fault!” protested Gordon, “what kind of a person has handcuffs and can’t find the key?” suddenly beginning to feel very vulnerable.

Sandra Bradley smiled “should we call someone for you? We know that your mother’s gone out of town for a week, but is there anybody else? Or maybe you ought to make yourself comfortable while we keep looking for them. They must be in the house somewhere…..” Her voice trailed off as her smile got wider.

“So about that ‘anything’ you’re offering us,” said Carol “what do you have mind seeing as you’re naked, buffed and handcuffed?” laughing again as Gordon’s nervousness increased. “I meant after you let me go and gave me my clothes back!” “Oh. We thought as an incentive to look for the keys and your clothes” said Carol Carter “we can’t find them now either. Emma tidied them up while we were kissing and she’s soooooo absent minded………Didn’t you notice what she did with them?” “Err, no …. I was…. um… distracted when you and Mrs Bradley were kissing” replied Gordon quietly.

“Anyway, back to your …..err…. predicament” interrupted Mrs Jennings from behind him, “it’s not our fault you wanted to play cards with us, even though Carol was dealing. You knew she’d worked in Vegas and didn’t seem to care.” “I thought she’d been a dancer or something” said Gordon, almost apologetically.
“Twenty years as a croupier” said Sandra Bradley “and she was telling us all about it just before we asked you to come over. Apparently, even experienced gamblers can lose far more often than the odds say they should without suspecting that a game is fixed so long as the winning hands are shared round all the other players.”
She paused and took a long drink of her wine before continuing “We’re not saying that Carol fixed our game of course” and then paused again before adding with a wide grin “just that she could have done.”

Gordon looked round at Carol Carter who was hiding her head in her hands and looking as though she was trying very hard not to laugh. “And it doesn’t look like you’re too upset about the situation anyway ….” said Mrs Bradley, licking her finger and reaching forward to gently stroke the end of his penis. It grew instantly back to what he now knew to be its maximum size, and once again Gordon felt the intense pain of feeling about to burst right from the tip of his now painful erection, into the now-hairless orbs beneath it, and up into his lower stomach.

He squirmed from the agony as all three women cried with laughter and Emma Jennings whispered into his ear “Not to worry Gordon. Until we find your clothes and the keys, there are lots of other games we can play …..”


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