Powered Down

The elevator’s main lighting went out as it slowly completed its single floor descent with a slight thud, leaving only the dim glow from four orange emergency bulbs in the ceiling. The doors remained closed and Gordon was now confined in a six-foot square metal box with the General Manager of the shipping company he’d started working for only three weeks ago.

“Not the best time for a power failure” said Mrs Carter, “and cell phones don’t work in here.” It had been less than a minute since she’d held the door open for him on the floor above and said that they might as well ride down together as they were the last people leaving the building.

He’d always taken the stairs up to that point, and had been intending to do so again, but hadn’t felt confident enough to refuse a suggestion from the woman in charge of the company he’d joined directly after graduation.
“Has this happened before?” asked Gordon, trying not to sound critical of maintenance or security procedures.
“Only during a test. That’s how I know that cell phones don’t work, but please try yours.” Gordon took his phone from his pocket and looked at the screen. No signal.

Mrs Carter fished around in her handbag, and from under a large set of keys took out her phone and showed it to Gordon. “No signal. Still, hopefully it won’t be long before you’re missed and someone will come looking for us. We don’t want to be stuck in here all weekend.” Gordon suddenly felt uneasy. “I’ve not met anyone since moving here, so I can’t see how anyone would think to come looking for me. What about you?”

“Oh I didn’t think of that. I just assumed that a good-looking young man like you would have someone waiting for him, but I live alone. Have done for years. Nobody would miss me unless I didn’t turn up for work on Monday morning. And as I work in this very building….” Mrs Carter let her voice trail off.

“Is that a working emergency intercom?” said Gordon suddenly noticing a grill with an unmarked button above the standard elevator controls and what looked like a small key switch turned towards the word OFF. “No, but even if it was there’s nobody else in the building to answer it. And as this elevator one only goes up and down one floor there wouldn’t be any point in having an intercom anyway.”

Gordon then tried to force the doors open as Mrs Carter stood to one side and unfastened the upper three buttons of her blouse. “I don’t think that’ll do anything. The automatic lock is set up to stay on when the power fails. It forces people to use the stairs, but the idea is to stop them getting into the elevator, not prevent them from getting out,” adding “fortunately the mechanism is balanced so that the counterweight causes a controlled descent to the ground.”

“Maybe the power will come back on soon. We don’t know why it went out” said Gordon hopefully. “More importantly we don’t know how long it will take for somebody to turn it back on,” replied Mrs Carter, “so feel free to take your shirt off. Don’t be embarrassed. It’s very hot in here and it’s beginning to look like it might be some time before someone opens the doors.”

She was a lot older than Gordon but the subdued lighting had the same effect on her as soft focus camera work has on women in the movies. It made her appear ageless, and any little flaws in her appearance, if there were any, had disappeared. Mrs Carter bowed her head as if about to start crying, and Gordon instinctively reached forward to console her, wrapping both his arms around her shoulders from behind and trying not to look down her cleavage. “Oh Gordon if only I’d not stood in the elevator doorway for 15 minutes sending some text messages you’d have taken the stairs so only one of us would be in this mess….”

She grabbed a wrist in each hand and pulled his arms tighter across her causing him to press fully up against buttocks toned by hours of regular Pilates. Within seconds his blood pressure rose and the embarrassment at the instant bulge in the front of his trousers now rubbing up against the company’s most senior manager was the most uncomfortable feeling he’d ever had.

She let go of his arms and turned around to look directly into his eyes. There was no discernible emotion on her face as Gordon tried to stutter an apology. “Don’t worry about it Gordon. This situation, the heat, the stress of being confined for God knows how long without food or water…. I’ll take it as a compliment that a man of your age could find a woman of …” She left the sentence unfinished and turned away from him.

Gordon sat down on the floor and removed his shirt, not because he’d got any thoughts of showing Mrs Carter the shape he was in, but because he was now beginning to sweat. Partly from the nerves of what had just happened, but mainly from the heat, and she had after all suggested it a little while ago.

Mrs Carter remained standing just in front of him and lifted each leg to remove her shoes as Gordon politely averted his eyes to avoid looking up her skirt. She smiled and stepped closer to him. So close that his ear now brushed against the skirt’s hem, and as he looked up he could see more than just the outline of two perfectly shaped breasts as her sweat-soaked blouse clung to them.

He sat there with both hands on his lap, trying not to look up at Mrs Carter, and trying even harder to hide his increasingly uncomfortable erection, something which became close to impossible when she started to gently stroke the top of his head. He shuffled uncomfortably, and gradually edged towards the corner furthest from the doors with Mrs Carter’s hand on his head and her bare leg rubbing against his upper arm.

Neither of them spoke, and as pretence for adjusting his erection, took his phone out to look at the time. They’d been trapped in there for over an hour. Mrs Carter glanced down at the screen, and across to Gordon, “Am I making you uncomfortable Gordon? You seem … err.. shall we say overly affected by the situation?”

“I’m very sorry Mrs Carter,” he replied “it’s having you so close, touching my head, the heat…..I know it’s because you’re nervous but…..”

“To be honest Gordon, it’s not so much the prospect of being stuck in here all weekend anymore, it’s more that you’re so …. well, attractive… and that I can see you’re thinking about me in a similar sort of way … it’s … well… sort of been giving me ideas. Inappropriate ideas admittedly, and I’m not sure that I should say anything…..” She turned round to face towards the door so he couldn’t see the expression on her face, but didn’t move away.

For a split second Gordon tried to process what Mrs Carter had said. Had he misheard her? Was she demurely suggesting that he and her could possibly……? “You’re in charge Mrs Carter,” said Gordon, trying to sound as like he might be joking “whatever you say is fine with me.”

She turned round and looked down at him. His nose was now pressed into her skirt directly level with the gap her thighs. She reached down and put her hands either side of his face and tiled his head upwards. “Really Gordon?”
He couldn’t think of a response, just looked upwards, stunned and feeling helpless. The tone of her voice had changed to one that sounded suddenly very sure of herself, and fully in control of their situation “I’ve got a proposal in that case. But it has to stay between us whatever you say or do.”

He nodded his agreement. Not only did he not know what to say, his mouth was too dry and his brain was racing away with potential scenarios that from where he sat, were all positive. “How about you give me an ……. release and then I’ll give you one.” Gordon was about to try for some clarification about what she’d just asked him but was stopped by her finger pressed to his lips.

“There’s words I’d rather not use …. too vulgar … but you give me a release and then I’ll release you. That bulge must be really uncomfortable and I know things…” said Mrs Carter putting heavy stress on the word ‘know’. “Women of your age Gordon don’t know some of the things I know, and I can guarantee you …..” Her voice trailed off again as he started nodding like a bobble-headed car toy, unable to contain his excitement. “Ok, ok, but who…?”

He didn’t get to finish his question as Mrs Carter was unfastening the clasp at the side of her pencil skirt and undoing some buttons Gordon couldn’t see. She stepped out of it and carefully folded it, telling Gordon “My release first, not just because I’m the boss, or because I’m sure you’re a gentleman and would always put ladies first, but because this way guarantees that I get my release before you get yours, and the other way round…..well, like I said I know things ….”

There was nothing underneath her skirt. She was completely naked and completely bald. The shock on Gordon’s face must have been obvious. “What were you expecting Gordon, teeth?” She laughed. He still couldn’t speak. “I find it liberating to be like this. Shaven, no underwear, standing over a handsome muscular young ……” He didn’t hear the rest of what she said, if indeed she’d said anything, as in one slow deliberate movement she had put her left leg over his right shoulder, and using the handrail for balance, put her right leg over his left shoulder. She clasped her thighs against his ears, held tightly onto the handrail and rocked rhythmically up and down and from side to side as Gordon used his hands to balance her buttocks and licked like he had never licked before.

Her orgasm, when it finally came, caused her to tremble and shudder with such force that it took all his strength to balance her, and then as she stepped very carefully away from him, he collapsed on the floor. “Thank you, Gordon. It took a lot longer than I thought it would. I was beginning to think I was losing my touch.”

Gordon rolled onto his back and started to unzip his trousers as Mrs Carter put her skirt and shoes back on and started to rummage through her handbag. The relief he felt at finally allowing air and unrestricted movement to the biggest, longest, most painful erection he’d ever had was mixed with puzzlement as to what Mrs Carter might be looking for. ‘Condoms? It must be? What else could she be looking for?’ Gordon hadn’t really thought through Mrs Carter proposition, but all he had considered was a possible hand job. But ‘full sex?’ He removed his shoes, socks, shirt, trousers and boxers and stood upright as Mrs Carter put one her keys into the small slot above the elevator controls and turned it 90 degrees to the right.

The lights came on and the doors slowly parted to reveal the fully lit, but empty entrance lobby. She turned round, faced Gordon, and put the keys back in her handbag “Your release as promised. You can get out now… but don’t look so surprized. I’m in charge here and of course I’ve got keys to everything. And who do think arranges equipment tests?”

She grinned at first and then started laughing, “That all took a lot longer than I thought it would, but we can discuss your performance in pressured situations at your monthly review on Thursday. We can concentrate on attention to detail, making assumptions, lying around naked on company premises ….that sort of thing….”

She turned round, walked out of the elevator and across the tiled floor of the reception area, leaving a stunned Gordon Lister fumbling with his clothes and listening to her laughing all the way out of the front door and into the car park.

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Dressed to Impress!

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