Serial · Story

The Paintball Prisoner – part one

“Lower your gun to the floor and turn around very slowly.”
Gordon Lister did as he was told, and turned to face two women wearing combat fatigues stood about six feet away and pointing fully-loaded paintball guns at him.

“And don’t make any sudden movements. It’ll really hurt from this distance” said one as she lowered the muzzle so that it pointed directly at his crotch, and even though her face was covered by a protective face mask, Gordon could tell that Mandy McGrath was grinning.

He smiled back. “Ok. I surrender. But now what? Am I your prisoner or something?” “Both” said Carol Carter, “now put these on” throwing a pair of handcuffs towards him with her left hand while keeping the paintball in steady in her right. “Behind your back of course. You’re an athletic young man and we don’t to risk anything happening out here now do we?”

Gordon couldn’t see the eyes of either woman through their tinted goggles, so couldn’t tell if either of the company’s owners was laughing, but with two loaded paintballs pointed at him from close range, he automatically caught the handcuffs, put both hands behind his back and snapped them on his wrists. “I didn’t know any of this was part of our war game. Did they get handed out with the rest of the equipment or did you bring them with you?”

His question went unanswered. “Would you rather we just shot you? From this range? It’d take a long time for the bruising to go, but I suppose you’d want to keep the swelling.” Carol started to laugh so much at her joke that she wasn’t able to keep her gun pointed at Gordon, but Mandy McGrath’s only movement was forward. Her gun was now less than three feet from him.

Gordon began to sweat. One slight movement and…….His thought process was interrupted by what sounded like an order from Mrs McGrath “No sudden movements. I’m going to undo your camouflage trousers and push them down to your knees. We need to you walk with us and we don’t want you trying to run away.” She reached out with her left hand, unbuttoned the top of his outer trousers without looking down, leant forward while maintaining unbroken eye contact, and pushed them down towards his knees.

“Good job I’ve got denims on under here” said Gordon ruefully, “otherwise it might be a little, err, embarrassing. So where are we going Mrs McGrath? What happens next?”  “From now on, you speak only when spoken to” replied Mandy “and you must refer to both of us as Ma’am at all times. Got it?”

“Err ok,” replied Gordon “but I didn’t know we had any officers or ranks on a company paintball day.” “Paintball day Ma’am” shouted Carol Carter from behind and slapping him with the flat of her hand. “Ouch” said Gordon, not really feeling it, “that nearly hurt”. “That nearly hurt Ma’am” said Carol Carter forcefully and slapping him again.

Gordon decided to play along. Not just because he was now unsure of the war game’s rules, but because the two women giving him orders owned the company and he’d only been working there a month.

They led him towards the office block from where the staff development day’s activities had started, and each time he tried to pull up the combat trousers so that he could walk easier, one of the two women slapped him and “tut, tut, tutted” in his ear.“


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