Serial · Story

The Paintball Prisoner – part three

“What’s going on?” protested Gordon again, “you can’t do this!” “It’s you can’t do this Ma’am” said Mandy McGrath stressing the last word and slapping his erection, so hard that it stung, and adding “oh yes we can. You agreed to it under the terms and conditions of the release contract.”

“Eh?” said Gordon puzzled, “Release contract? What terms and conditions?” “It’s what terms and conditions Ma’am” said Mandy McGrath forcefully, slapping him again, and even harder than she had the last time.

Gordon looked over at Carol Carter who was now stood wearing nothing but her bra and pants. “The release form you signed this morning. Remember? Mandy and I aren’t very good at dealing with anybody saying no to us, so we don’t ask exactly. Not outright anyway. We both wanted you from the day you came for the interview… so athletic and yet so cute with your glasses on …and when you just signed today’s form giving us permission … well we weren’t going to pass the opportunity up now were we?

She stroked his penis. “You really are up for it aren’t you? And you claim that you didn’t read what the form said? Tut, tut, tut. Next thing you’ll be telling us that you left your glasses at home because today’s a paintball day and the font was too small…” Her voice trailed off as a wide grin spread across her face.

“But what about this room? How is the yellow form different from the others? What about the receptionist outside? She looks like a church librarian. She can’t be part of this! And what is it that you claim I’ve agreed to?” “It’s agreed to Ma’am” said Mandy McGrath loudly and slapping his erect penis as hard as she could, “and don’t try to pretend to be all innocent now. The release form definitely says ‘Release Form’ across in the top in a very large font. You couldn’t miss that, even if the bits underneath it are in font size eight. Just so that we could fit it all one page you understand….not to try and take advantage of a young man leaving his glasses at home for safety and just signing whatever was put in front of him.”

Both women were now grinning. “And why would anybody need a release form, if there wasn’t anything to be released from? Doesn’t make sense….”added Carol Carter climbing up onto the bed and sitting on Gordon’s chest with her legs dangling either side. “I hope you don’t mind if I just pull these to one side” she said gripping the inside leg of her thong with two fingers, “I don’t feel as though as I’ve unfaithful to my husband if I don’t take my underwear off.”

“But, but, but…” Gordon tried to complain, but Mrs Carter slid herself forwards so that she was sat on his mouth and started grinding rhythmically from side to side, up and down, backwards and forwards. “It’s but, but, but Ma’am” said Mandy McGrath, slapping him again, before leaning forward and adding “aww, poor baby. That must hurt now. Let me kiss it better….” He felt her tongue playing around the tip of his erection, before she suddenly lurched forward and sucked it so deep inside her mouth that he could feel her tonsils as she gently bit him.

It wasn’t the first time a woman had given him oral sex, but this was different. This was intense. This was carnal.  Mrs McGrath was like a jungle predator toying with its helpless prey for some sort of animalistic amusement, running her teeth slowly up and down his penis, playfully licking her tongue as it followed, and every time his back arched from the sensation, her friend moaned and shuddered.

Gordon didn’t know how long it lasted for, or how many orgasms Mrs Carter had, but when she finally climbed off him; he was drenched and she was almost unable to stand.


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