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The Paintball Prisoner – part two

The three of them entered through the main door, and walked up to the reception desk. “We’d like the key to the debriefing room please” laughed Carol Carter, lifting her googles and dropping the face visor down to her chin. “Certainly” replied the woman behind the counter “and would you like his release form in case he can’t remember what he signed?”

The receptionist handed Carol Carter a key and a yellow form with Gordon’s signature on it as Mandy McGrath prodded him towards a door on the left. Carol opened it, and a puzzled Gordon waddled through with his camouflage pants around his knees and Mandy McGrath behind him.

“This is our debriefing room” said Mandy lifting her googles, lowering the face visor, and finally putting the gun to one side. Gordon felt relieved that the gun was no longer pointing at him, and as he relaxed Carol Carter pulled him gently backwards by the chain of the handcuffs.

He heard a click, then another one, and then two more as he realized the handcuffs had been unlocked and his wrists were no longer together, but fastened to something else.

Mandy McGrath extended her index finger and pushed him backwards as Carol Carter put her hands over his shoulders, and pressed him down onto a bed and as soon as he was flat on his back clicked something he couldn’t see but instantly knew restricted the movement of his arms. “What’s going on?” protested Gordon, “What’s this got to do with staff development? How is this debriefing?!?

Both women started laughing as they clipped something to his ankles and fastened them to the legs of the bed. “We call it our debriefing room, because you’re about to get debriefed!” They both stood up, one either side of him, and Carol Carter started to unfasten the buttons on Gordon’s Levis. Her touch was light, but even in this helpless situation with a thousand questions going through his mind, his erection was instant.

“You see Mandy. I told you that he wanted us to do this!” And with that the two women grabbed his denims and boxers and pulled them down to his knees. “Oh, I almost forgot”, said Mrs Carter, “It’s how is this debriefing Ma’am?” putting emphasis on the last word and then slapping his erect penis while laughing uncontrollably.

The two women took the goggles from the top of their heads, removed their face visors and slowly unfastened every button of their combat gear while smiling and staring at their helpless captive.

“Your choice of ends Carol” said Mandy McGrath, sliding her jogging pants to the floor and pulling a drenched sweatshirt up and over her head.

Gordon couldn’t help but stare. She hadn’t been wearing anything underneath her exercise clothes, and now, except for some small white socks and her jogging shoes, she was completely naked.


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