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The Paintball Prisoner – part five

Carol Carter unfastened the restraints from his ankles and swiveled him around so that he was sat on the edge of the bed. “We’ve done this with our last six interns, but you know how it is with interns, as soon as they get offered a job that pays, they leave. We only offer a staff training program. And you can bet that they are very well trained by the time they’ve left us. They say Ma’am as a reflex to every older woman they see, not just in here. And as to the contract, it very clearly states, in amongst all the standard stuff about paintball and other injuries etcetera, that any man taken prisoner agrees to be held captive, restrained and debriefed until the end of the game, or until either party uses the safeword of the day, and that he shall at all times show the utmost respect for the superiority of his captors and be disciplined in a way, or ways, of their choosing if he does not do so, and to make every effort to ensure that they are completely satisfied by his actions for the duration of the game or until some negotiated conditions are agreed upon.”

Mandy smiled again, moved round behind him, unlocked something, and pushed him gently forward off the bed causing his camouflage pants, Levis and boxers to drop to the floor. His left wrist was still securely fastened to the bed and as he instinctively bent over to pull his pants up, Mandy McGrath slapped him across the buttocks. “Now, now. Not without permission. You’ve agreed remember? You signed, we’ve restrained, we’ve debriefed, we’ve made sure that we’ve been satisfied etcetera. But you’ve not negotiated your release yet.”

“So are you saying that I’ve signed something giving the two of you permission to use me as some sort of sex toy? That if I went to the authorities I’d get laughed at?” “Laughed at Ma’am” replied Mandy from behind, slapping him again. “And yes, you might. Partly for being so daft to sign something like that and then complain about it. And partly because nobody would believe you anyway. Carol’s sister’s not going to back you up, nor are any of our employees. The two of us run the company, and if anything happened to Carol and me then they’d all end up unemployed.”

“But yes, probably legal anyway” added Carol Carter “I am a lawyer. And you signed of your own free will in front of several witnesses and the paintball company’s security cameras. You handcuffed yourself. You walked in here freely – my sister will attest to that – and you obviously enjoyed it, so all you’ve got left is to negotiate when we let you out of here, and possibly to walk away and leave us to find another intern, or agree to carry on being dominated by us until you get a permanent job offer. Who knows? We might even make you an offer you can’t refuse.”

Gordon smiled. He was stood half-naked in front of two women almost twice his age, with his wrist chained to the frame of a bed and an erection starting to point towards what he now knew to be a camera fixed to the ceiling. “Yes Ma’am,” he said turning towards Mrs McGrath, and then back towards Mrs Carter “Yes Ma’am. Whatever you say Ma’am. But permission to speak freely Ma’am?”

The two women both smiled and nodded back at Gordon Lister “Permission granted”.

“If your sister’s too shy to go out and find a man to do this with, instead of her just watching on the monitor, why not leave me tied up if you’ve finished? Then maybe she could come in and try to find that happiness you say she deserves?”

Mandy McGrath grabbed Gordon’s shoulder and spun him round so that her friend could slap him hard across the buttocks while she clicked the cuff from his right wrist to the frame of the bed and started to laugh. Gordon suddenly felt very worried. He’d misread the situation and was now in a very vulnerable position with two dominant women apparently insulted, or annoyed, or both, somewhere behind him..

“It’s happiness she deserves, Ma’am!” shouted Carol Carter laughing “and yes, that’s a lovely idea. Your negotiating skills are as good as your oral ones!” She leant forward and whispered softly into his ear, “You might even earn yourself a permanent position with thinking like that…..”


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