Serial · Story

The Paintball Prisoner – part four

Mandy McGrath stood up and climbed onto Gordon’s chest and sat facing his feet with her legs resting on his upper arms. “Want to answer his questions Carol? My tongue’s a bit tired. Not as tired as his hopefully, but he’s got an incentive to keep going……” She left the sentence unfinished and gradually slid herself backwards onto his mouth, pressed her calves into his shoulders and forced herself down onto him. Hard.

Gordon licked harder and faster than he had before, while Mandy McGrath gripped his balls in one hand, raked the razor-sharp fingernails of the other across his torso and repeatedly ordered him to go “faster!”, “deeper!” until she finally came to a stuttering, shuddering halt so intense that Gordon thought his ears were going to be ripped from the sides of his head.

She paused, sat upright and brushed away the hair stuck to her forehead, before grabbing his penis with both hands and tugging so hard and so fast that it must have looked to anyone watching as though she had Parkinson’s disease and was trying to unblock a sink.

His own orgasm didn’t come with the force of Mrs McGrath’s, but when it did, she climbed off him and strode towards the pile of sports wear on the floor. Carol Carter was now fully clothed and sat on a chair he hadn’t noticed earlier. “You had some questions Gordon. Some doubts about whether or not we had any …. um… right to ….errr… well you know . What the three of us have just done.” Gordon nodded. Not because he was bothered about getting slapped if he forgot to say Ma’am, but because he was exhausted and his mouth and tongue too weary for any sort of coherent speech.

“This room’s Mandy’s. She rented it from the paintball company to store her things when she left her husband, and now that she’s got a place most of her stuff has gone there. All that’s left is that bed you’re lying on, this chair, some snow chains… you get the idea. The lease is a long one and it would have been a shame not to use it for something…”

She smiled and started again. ”The receptionist is my sister. That’s how Mandy heard about the spare room. And getting her to hand you the yellow form instead of one of the standard paintball disclaimer forms was easy. She knows how Mandy’s husband treated her, and she really hates mine. She can’t understand why I’m with him and thinks we deserve a little happiness. So does she really, but she’s not had a man for ages so just watches on the monitor whenever we get a new intern.” She paused as she noticed the surprise on his face before adding with a smile “Oh, sorry Gordon, you didn’t think you were our first paintball prisoner did you?”

Gordon didn’t know whether this was a good thing or a bad thing. At least there were others, so someone might believe him, but what had happened to them? How long had it been going on?

“You look worried Gordon. Don’t be. If you don’t want to play again we can look for another intern, and if you do want to play again, then we’re both happy to. And we don’t even need to bother with the pretence of paintballing, but we do insist on us being dominant though. It’s what gets us off.

“It wasn’t that” replied Gordon “it was more wondering what the contract says and what happed to the others”. “Other’s Ma’am” said Mandy slapping him with the flat of her hand across the painfully red marks on his stomach, and adding “Now shall we negotiate your early release terms or are you happy staying like this for the rest of the day?”


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