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The Paintball Prisoner – Epilogue

Gordon heard the door open and then the sound of two sets of footsteps leaving the room, followed a few minutes later by the sound of someone walking slowly in and closing the door softly behind them. Definitely shy he thought. Just like her sister had said.

Gordon could hear the popping of press studs, the buzzing of a zip and the twanging of what sounded like and elastic band but didn’t turn round. He’d agreed to let a timid woman try out a few things and didn’t want to unnerve her, but when he finally glanced behind him he saw that Suzanne Carter’s clothes were on the floor and she was wearing nothing but thigh-high leather boots and elbow-length black silk gloves.

Her torso was covered in tattoos and her long brown hair was neatly tied in a very tight knot on the top of her head. In her right hand was a six-foot leather whip, and in her left hand was an open plastic bag which looked like it was full of sex toys.

She spoke very slowly. “They said it was your idea for me to come in and play with you. Something about you thinking I’m too shy to find a man, not that I’m too much of a dominatrix to keep one for long, but they didn’t go into any detail. Or leave the keys. So unless you can remember the safeword from that yellow form you signed, we’ll just have to be …um… creative …. for the next few hours won’t we Gordon….?”


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