Serial · Story

The Runner’s Return – four

She reached across to the brandy bottle and held it up to the light. “Still some left. Did Jenny drink the rest of it?” Gordon nodded in reply. “What all of it?” He nodded again. Karen Hughes unscrewed the top, quickly drank what was left and turned around to Gordon. “We can’t go on like this Gordon. That gag rather limits what we can do. What do you say? Shall I take it off and …um… explore the possibilities?”

Karen Hughes didn’t wait for any sort of answer. There wasn’t any point. She’d already decided what was going to happen.

She pulled the inch-wide headband down under his chin and reached into his mouth to remove the ball of cloth it had been holding in place. “A sock?” Karen Hughes was both puzzled and surprised. “One of yours I take it?” Gordon nodded, not yet able to speak. “Your girlfriend’s got no imagination. I could teach you so much….” Her voice tailed off and there was a pause as she shook her head before adding “If you’re going to gag a man you don’t use one of his socks, you take off your wet ….” She left the sentence unfinished and threw the sock towards the chair the rest of his clothes were scattered on.

“There’s so much you can learn from a woman like me Gordon … I know so much more than any cheerleader”. And with that she lifted her left leg over his chest and sat on his face where the gag had been.

She grabbed hold of the headboard with both hands and slowly moved from side to side. “Lick me Gordon. Put your tongue out as far as it will go, and lick. Don’t worry about where. I’ll do the moving. You just lick. I’ll tell you how fast, or how slow. You just keep your mouth open and your tongue out. You lick, and I’ll do the rest.”

He licked and she moved. And the more he licked, the more she moved. And the more she moved, the more noise she made. And Gordon heard the same moaning sounds that he had heard coming from the shower an hour earlier. And just when he was beginning to think that he could lick no more, she shook the headboard against the wall behind his head, let out a whispered scream and violently shook her inner thighs against the sides of his jaw .

She climbed slowly off him and gestured towards his sleeping girlfriend. “Looks like she’s waking up. I’d better untie you so that you can get dressed and take her home before she realizes what we’ve been up to.”

She reached towards a robe which was hanging from a hook on the back of the bedroom door, wrapped it around her, and tied the cord before slowly untying his left wrist. “You can do the others I’m sure. I’ll see you downstairs.” Karen Hughes then picked up the empty bottle, two towels and the clothes she’d been running in, put on a pair of slippers and left the room while Gordon Lister untied the other three restraints, put all his clothes back on including the damp sock, and tried to rouse his semi-conscious girlfriend.


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