Serial · Story

The Runner’s Return – three

It took less than a minute. Gordon Lister climaxed uncontrollably long before Karen Hughes was ready. She could feel the flaccidness inside her, and suddenly the pleasure of the act was replaced by disappointment, but the feeling of power had only got stronger. This was only going to be over if she decided it was, and that wasn’t going to be the case for quite a while yet. As long as little-miss-oh-so-perfect remained asleep, Karen Hughes was going to enjoy herself.

“Not very experienced at this I assume then Gordon? No matter. I don’t think she’ll be awake any time soon” said Karen pointing at Gordon’s girlfriend lying unconscious at the side of the bed, “so we’ve plenty of time, and I’ve heard that men your age don’t take long to …um.. recharge as it were.”

She climbed off him, unfastened her watch and moved towards the door. “I’m just going to have a shower. Don’t go anywhere will you?” She laughed at her little joke as she left the room, and within seconds Gordon could hear the sounds of a shower running and what might have been some muffled moaning.

It was almost twenty minutes later when Karen Hughes came back into the room. She was wearing a large bath towel wrapped around her body tucked above her breasts and another towel wrapped around her head. “I’m ready to try again. Are you?”

Gordon didn’t reply. He kept his head perfectly still and focused on the light fitting. Karen Hughes reached down and opened the drawer of the bedside cabinet. She pulled out a battery operated sex toy and showed it to him. “Do you know what this is?”

He nodded, and Karen Hughes saw that once again he looked a frightened rabbit caught in the glare of a car’s headlights. “Oh Gordon” said in the most reassuring way she could, “this isn’t going anywhere near you. It’s for me. The last time you finished before I’d even got started, so this time we’re going to try it the other round.

She lay back on the bed with her head near Gordon’s left knee, turned on the vibrator and pushed it inside her and started to gently stroke his inner thigh with her free hand. Gordon didn’t know how long she was stroking him for, or why she didn’t touch anything other than the inside of his leg, but all of a sudden, Karen Hughes sat up, pulled the towel away from her body, removed the vibrator and threw it on the floor.

She climbed up on his lower body as she had done thirty minutes earlier, and once again pushed his erection deep inside her. Within a minute Karen Hughes’s intense shuddering, juddering orgasm had caused the helpless man beneath her to climax as well.

“Just like in the movies this time” said Karen smiling “we both came together,”  and adding as she pointed towards the still-buzzing sex toy “those things are fine for getting a woman there when she lives on her own, but it always feels so much better for woman when there’s a man inside her.”

She reached down to the vibrator, turned it off, and then nodded over towards Jenny Lowe “As we’ve started, we might as well carry on until she wakes up. What do you think Gordon?” He nodded slowly in reply, uncertain of what might happen if Mrs Hughes thought that he was protesting now she’d twice taken advantage of his helplessness and wasn’t showing any inclination to untie him.

She got up and left the room carrying the vibrator, and once again Gordon heard the sound of a shower, but this time it was the only sound he heard, and a few minutes later Karen Hughes came back into the bedroom, picked up the towel from the bed, dried herself and the vibrator, and dropped it back in the drawer of the bedside cabinet.


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