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My Butt, My Lifestyle, My Rules


I’ve just found out that instead of doing Pilates twice a week, running on two other days/nights and going to the gym at weekends I could look like this just by buying Photoshop instead!
Mentioned it to my hubby just now and he said that “it was up me” (right answer!) but that “giving him a picture” might  not have the same motivating effects as me bending over when it came to “manipulating him” (wrong answer).

Having just spent 30 minutes “discussing” it, we’ve agreed that he does what I say because he loves me, and I look I do because I want to, not because it makes him easier to control/use/order about/etc.

He had a point, and I’ve no doubt that the way I look means many men are more “helpful” than might be the case if I were old/fat/unkempt/and so on, but something’s got lost in translation of the message if anybody thinks that women like me do anything for any reason other than we want to.  My butt looks like it does because I like exercise and feeling fit and active; not because I feel any need to conform to some male ideal as to what shape a woman ought to be.


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