Eight out of Ten

Gordon Lister signed his name at the front desk and put the little name tag on the front of his jacket. It was his first conference after graduating and the keynote speaker was going to be his First Year Business Studies lecturer: Doctor Lucy Devlin.

He’d often thought about her, both during her lectures, and later back in the halls. She’d always worn incredibly tight trousers, intended he assumed to advertise how proud she was at keeping in such tremendous shape at whatever age she was, and not as it turned out from his final grade to distract him from whatever it was she was saying when her back was to the student group.

He looked down the delegate list and didn’t know anybody other than Dr Devlin so decided to see if he could find her to say hello, and maybe, just maybe, to see if she still wore the same sort of clothing on the lecture circuit, and if it still flattered her.

He spotted her from over fifty yards away. She had her back to him, and her hair was different, but that rear view was burnt into his brain. It was still absolute perfection. He’d stared at it for three hours at a time, from all of three yards away, for twenty six consecutive weeks. It was the only class he’d never missed.

He walked slowly thru the crowd, trying to think of something to say other than a simple hello, but just as he got close, she turned round, saw him and smiled. “Hello Gordon. What are you doing here?” “I’m a delegate. Hoping to learn something about negotiation techniques and as you’re presenting thought that I might…” She started laughing as she interrupted him “Stare at my behind again, for old time’s sake?”

“Er no, I mean, sorry, I …. I …. “ Gordon tried to stammer a reply, but somehow her reaction had left him nervous and unable to speak. “Don’t be embarrassed Gordon, all you young men to do it. At my age the attention is quite flattering. And it keeps my student attendance statistics high. None of you ever miss a class. None of you seem to learn very much either …. but that’s another issue.” She smiled and held out her hand while looking directly into his eyes.

Gordon Lister glanced down, took her hand and shook it firmly as Dr Devlin took a pace closer to him. “That’s your first mistake, Gordon. Don’t be the first to blink.” And then adding with a smile “It’s a good job you’ve decided to come. You’ve still got a lot to learn about negotiating settlements. Fortunately I’m a good teacher ….if the student is in front of me of course.”

She let go of his hand and gestured towards the bar area “Come and find me at tonight’s drinks reception. We can carry on our little …um.. conversation…” As she walked away Gordon thought that she’d left something unsaid; something intangible; something suggested rather than unfinished, but couldn’t think what as he tried not to stare at the rear view he’d admired for so many hours when he was her student.

It wasn’t until the evening drinks reception that he saw her again. And for the first time he saw her in something other than tight-fitting trousers. She was wearing a knee-length black evening dress which clung so tightly to every curve of her body that as she moved he could make out the clasps of suspenders on her hips. Gordon suddenly felt nervous. Should he go up and talk to her? Should he interrupt her conversation with the men at the bar? Should he join in with whatever they were talking about and was he the only one paying so much attention to what she had on?

He stood unsure of how to approach and what to say, but Dr Devlin turned towards him and beckoned, “Ah Gordon. Would you like to join us?” He nodded in agreement and Lucy Devlin introduced him to the rest of the group but for some reason he couldn’t process declined to mention that he’d been her ex-student.

As the evening passed, Dr Devlin moved around the room socializing with various delegate groups, and at all times waved Gordon to follow her with the whispered instruction “Stay close.”

“Whatever you say Dr Devlin” replied Gordon the first time she’d said it “I don’t really feel confident of talking to anybody else here as it’s my first time.”

“Second mistake Gordon” she said smiling. “Never admit that you’re nervous.” And then adding with a grin “And your third mistake would be admitting to not having done something before. A skilled operator might take advantage of that.”

He spent the rest of the evening dutifully following Dr Devlin from group to group, speaking only to say hello as he was too nervous to say very much as he didn’t want to risk saying anything that might be interpreted as another mistake in front of strangers.

At nine thirty, when there was finally just the two of them, Lucy Devlin turned round to Gordon and very politely said “I’m going to call it a day now Gordon. You’ve given me some things to think about.”

“Have I?” said Gordon surprized. “What kind of things?” “Fourth mistake Gordon. Never sound as though you can’t work out what the other party is thinking. It’s like chess. A better player can always anticipate what the other is thinking about.”

Gordon smiled back at her and started to sway. He wasn’t used to social drinking like this, and especially not drinking wine. How many had he drunk? “Fifth mistake Gordon,” said Lucy Devlin “drinking can impair your judgement. It makes it easier for someone to get you to agree to something that you might otherwise be wary of.”

He nodded in agreement. ”Very true. I’ve got a lot to learn.” She smiled and linked her arm with his. “I think it’s time you called it a day as well. If we go upstairs together no one will notice how drunk you are and they’ll think you’re just politely escorting a lady to her room like a gentleman.”

He nodded in agreement as Lucy Devlin led him to the elevator and pressed the button for the fourth floor. She held his arm tightly close to her. So close that Gordon thought it an unnecessary gesture to keep him upright; he wasn’t that drunk, but it was so close that he could feel the clasp of her suspender belt pressing into his thigh through his trousers, causing an instant and what he hoped was an unnoticed bulge in the front of his trousers.

The doors opened and she led him left towards room number 413, stopped outside and produced a credit-card sized key from a small clutch bag Gordon hadn’t noticed before, held it up to the mechanism on the wall.

The door swung slowly open and Lucy Devlin stepped in to the narrow hallway, turned to face him and took hold of both his hands. “Would it be okay of me to ask you a small favor? And then maybe I could sign you ….something?”

Gordon nodded his agreement as he was feeling more drunk than he had earlier and was starting to find it difficult to talk. “Could you possibly undo the clips at the top of my dress? I always have trouble after a few drinks.”

He stepped forward, unfastened two small brass-colored clips while Lucy held the dress collar at either side of her neck and said very deliberately “Um… err.. thank you for what you’ve taught me tonight Dr Devlin. I’m looking forward to hearing about the other mistakes that can be made by someone new to negotiating.”

He stepped back unsteadily as Lucy Devlin turned round to face him, shrugged her shoulders and let go of her dress. It fell to floor to reveal that she was wearing absolutely nothing underneath it except for two stockings and the ornate suspender belt holding them in place.

Gordon was speechless. He was looking at an almost completely naked woman twice his age with the taught, toned physique an Olympic athlete would’ve been proud of. “I’m a tri-athlete Gordon. That’s why I look like this.” said Lucy Devlin as if it somehow explained her near-nudity.

Gordon tried to speak, but no words would come out. “So what do you want to do now Gordon? Or is it up to me?”
He was still too stunned to speak. He’d fantasized about Dr Devlin when he was her student, but nothing like this. Nothing even remotely like this. So he just nodded.

“Sixth mistake Gordon” she said pushing him on to the bed “if you’re not explicit in what you want, then don’t be surprized if the other party just assumes that you’re in agreement with whatever they want and just … well just…. takes it.” And before he could even begin to protest, Lucy Devlin had kicked off her shoes and was sat on his face; his arms were trapped under her legs, and his wrists were pinned down by her hands.

“Mistake number seven Gordon. Don’t let the other party get into a position you can’t get out of. If that happens, all you can do is whatever they want.” He was too drunk to resist, and she was too strong for him to move, so he did what he quickly realized she wanted, and started to lick.

After what seemed to Gordon like several intense juddering orgasms, Lucy Devlin let go of his wrists and slid backwards. He lifted his arms and tried to get the blood circulating, but still couldn’t speak. He was sobering up, but still shocked as to what had just happened.

She rolled her right leg over him, stood up and unclipped her stockings, rolled them down her legs and then removed the embroidered belt from her waist and casually threw it towards a chair in the corner of the room. “I was watching you in the elevator’s door mirror. Quite a bulge you’ve got there by the way.”

He smiled back at her. The sweat dripping from her forehead was making her makeup run and at close quarters she looked older than he’d thought she was, but somehow it prompted him to make what he intended as a compliment, but was mainly said in the hope that she might do something about the painful erection straining against the restraints of his clothing. “For you Dr Devlin, I could go all night.”

“I was hoping you’d say something that. But as you’ll hear in my speech tomorrow, making promises on impulse is another error. Whoever you’ve made them to might just insist that you carry them out.”

“That’s not a problem. Whatever you want Dr Devlin.” She grinned, put her right hand on the bed and vaulted over him so that once again she was sat on his face, only this time his wrists were trapped underneath her knees and his upper arms trapped beneath shins.

He’d spent many hours looking at her perfectly-formed buttocks. Many hours just staring and wondering. Now, they were all he could see. And close up they were as hard and firm as the erection she was stroking thru his trousers.
She rode backwards and forwards, side to side, and up and down, but even after what Gordon thought were many orgasms, didn’t even attempt to unzip him. She just stroked, and minute by minute the frustration increased, and the torment became a torture.

She leaned forward and Gordon could see under her body that she was reaching for her bag, but she didn’t lift her legs, just used the power in her thighs to press him even deeper into the bed. She back down on his face “Lick!” All night for me you said! Whatever I want!”

As he licked, more furiously than he had before, he felt her grip his shirt and tear it into two halves, buttons pinging about the room, followed by the brutal separation of his zipper. The partial freedom was wonderful, the anticipation more so.

And then he felt her hands inside his boxers, grabbing at the seams, and then he felt them also get torn in two.
He wanted to sigh, wanted to appreciate what had just happened and what he thought was finally about to happen, but she didn’t lean forward, or grab hold of his penis or put her mouth around it. She started to draw what he felt were doodles with a wet finger all over him.

He couldn’t see, he couldn’t move anything but his legs and his tongue, but he could feel lots of what seemed like random swirling with a wet finger. On his chest, on his stomach, on his upper thighs, and finally all over an erection that was getting so painful he thought that any minute, any insertion into anywhere slightly warm, it would instantly explode.

After what seemed like hours, Lucy Devlin finally got off him and carefully stood up. “Time for you to go. You’ve kept up your side of the bargain, and I’ve kept to mine.”

Gordon Lister was puzzled. His clothes were in shreds and he still had the hardest hard-on he’d ever had in his life. “Your side?” he asked puzzled.

“Yes” replied Lucy Devlin starting to laugh, “we agreed that I’d sign you. And I have. Many times!”

He looked down at the writing on his body. Dozens of what he’d thought were doodles with a wet finger intended to keep him aroused, were in fact her signatures. Some were small, some large, some had little ‘x’s after them, and some had words in front of them, but it was definitely many copies of her signature that he was covered with.

“Permanent marker Gordon. You’ll be thinking of me every time you masturbate for the next three weeks or so. Not that you haven’t thought of me while doing it in the past of course, but now…..” She laughed even louder. “And I’ll be asking questions in the morning to see what you’ve learnt!”

Gordon shook his head, pulled up his trousers, pulled his shirt and jacket around him, and staggered back to his room where within twenty seconds he’d given himself the most spectacular orgasm he’d ever had. It went everywhere.

Five hours later Gordon Lister tightly fastened his jacket to hide Dr Devlin’s handiwork from the night before as it could be clearly seen thru his spare white shirt, went downstairs, took his seat in the front row of the main auditorium and listened intently to the opening address: “Ten Pitfalls for the Naïve Negotiator”.

He’d considered not attending just in case Lucy Devlin did embarrass him by pointedly asking for an example of an agreement he’d been involved in that didn’t turn out as he’d thought it would, but decided instead that he really wanted to know which two mistakes of her ten he could have made last night but didn’t.

Plus of course his reserved seat was in the front row and there was always the possibility that she might turn round to write on a board or something.


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