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The Silent Confession – part three

Mrs Henderson sat on top of Gordon’s face and writhed backwards and forwards, up and down, and side to side, gripping his hair as she jerked in orgasmic ecstasy many, many times, leaving him sodden, exhausted, and aching from the strain of supporting a woman on his shoulders for what he eventually realized from a bedside clock was just over twenty minutes.

He couldn’t speak. His mouth and tongue were unable to move, and his jaw hurt almost as much as his wrists and back did from the pressure of two adults pressing the metal between his body and the mattress.

He rolled over to relieve the pain as Donna Henderson picked up her cell phone from the bedside cabinet and walked very steadily into the bathroom, closing the door behind her and leaving Gordon able to only hear one side of the conversation.

“Oh Hi……..Can you bring the key to your cuffs round? …. No, not that at all, they’ve cut into him a bit ……. Maybe I did get carried away, but it was so I good that couldn’t stop …..Oh I am, but I doubt that he is ….. I’ll have an answer for you by the time you get here.”

Donna Henderson walked slowly back into the bedroom in the same way that she had thirty minutes earlier, only this time she had a towel wrapped around her waist and another one draped over her shoulders.

She rolled Gordon carefully back over so that he was facing upwards, pulled him towards her so that he was sat upright and then knelt down on the floor in front of him. She reached forward, unbuckled his belt, popped the button at the top of his flies and very slowly unzipped his trousers “I’ve got a question for you, and I need an answer before the key to those cuffs gets here.”

Gordon looked down at Donna Hartley and she very deliberately slid his denims and boxers down his legs, unfastened his shoe laces and then peeled off his shoes, socks, trousers and underwear.

She stared into his eyes and began to rub his erection between both her hands “Whatever you say, I promise to take those cuffs off as soon as the key gets here, but how do you feel about being tied to each corner of this bed with silk scarves and fucking a woman with thirty years’ experience? It’s up to you. You can either go home and give yourself a happy ending, or you can lie back on this bed and get to have an afternoon you’ll never, ever forget.”

She started to lick him as he asked “Why the scarves? Can’t we just have sex?”

“The restraints are part of what makes it special. You see a young man like you can’t control himself and it might be over all too soon, and a woman my age….. well when a woman my age is in control the sex can last for ages ….and like I said, you can expect thirty years’ worth of fantastic.”

Gordon readily agreed as Donna Hartley had been right about him finding her somewhat attractive and he felt like he was about to burst. Her shower show had got him excited, the multiple orgasms she’d had while sat on his face had increased the pressure, and now just a few simple touches around his lower body had left him extremely close to an orgasm of his own but he wasn’t going to admit it.

The doorbell rang and Donna Hartley left the room, had a short conversation that Gordon couldn’t hear, and returned with a small metal key. She reached round his back, expertly unclicked the locking mechanism, pulled out the handcuffs and lifted his shirt up and over his head before pushing him back down onto the bed.

Donna Hartley then lay across him, opened the bedside cabinet, pulled out a handful of silk scarves and proceeded to tie both his arms and both his legs to the four corners of the bed before she said in the same matter-of-fact tone of voice that she’d used earlier “Just one more thing Gordon, I won’t be able to concentrate if I can hear you moaning or pleading or whatever, so will it be okay if I gag you?”

Gordon didn’t get as far as a response before she’d pushed a scarf into his mouth and secured it with another one which she tied around the back of his neck.

She stood up and walked over to the bedroom door as Gordon’s step-mother walked in grinning maniacally “So nice of you to be so …. um…. accommodating Gordon. We wouldn’t want your father to find out about us now would we? And you have just agreed to bondage sex with a fifty year old woman” and gesturing towards Donna Hartley, “and you’ve worn out that one over there.”

Donna Hartley started laughing as she put her arm around her old police partner and explained that the gag was “so she could concentrate on her tax return, not so that he couldn’t protest about anything” and that her old handcuffs were on the shelf with the key next to the badge and picture of them two of them.

Gordon’s step-mother then reached across to his painfully erect penis and stroked it as expertly as Donna Hartley had done ten minutes earlier “I’m going to play with this for bit… rather like you did when you did when watching Donna wash her car from your bedroom on Tuesday …. I came back early and you hadn’t closed the door properly… and then you’re going to give me what your father can’t for the rest of the afternoon.”

She undressed with her right hand while stroking and playfully scratching Gordon with her left, and as soon as she was naked, climbed up on top of him, pushed his erection deep inside her, and said in a tone of voice very similar the one Mrs Hartley had used when prodding him towards the house “You have the right to remain silent, but that’s about it.”

Gordon Lister lay back and stared at the ceiling wondering whether he ought to confess to the woman digging her nails into his shoulders and writhing around on top him that he’d found her old journal when he’d been going through her underwear drawer five days ago and seen the key taped to it next to a post-it reminder which said “get handcuffs back from Donna”, and that it was what he’d read in there that had got him so excited, not watching an old car get washed….


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