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The Perfect Present – 1

Gordon Lister sat and gulped down the sip of wine he’d just taken as Vicki Tomlinson grinned at him, obviously relishing his stunned reaction. “Well you did ask,” She said “and that’s pretty much the only thing I can think of that a woman would want that she couldn’t go out and buy.”

He sat and tried to process what she’d been telling him, and wondered whether he’d imagined it, or whether the two glasses of wine he’d drunk contained some sort of hallucinogenic. His question to his step-mother’s best friend had been a simple one; “What would a woman with everything money can buy want for her birthday?” but the answer hadn’t been simple at all and Gordon couldn’t tell if Mrs Tomlinson was serious, or if she was slightly drunk, but as she leant forward staring into his eyes he became quite sure that he hadn’t imagined what she’d said.

He’d just spent ten minutes listening to Mrs Tomlinson’s description of the perfect present for a woman with enough money to buy whatever trinkets, jewelry, clothes and ornaments appealed to her, “So what better to give her than total, utter and complete sexual satisfaction”. He nodded. Everything he’d been told made complete sense, at least the way Mrs Tomlinson explained it, but the thought of doing what she’d described made him nervous.

“I’m not sure I could put women’s underwear on and tie myself to her bed” he stuttered nervously, “but when you put it like that I can understand why a woman might want a man to do it.”

“So what would be the problem then Gordon? Don’t you find her attractive or is it because she’s married to your dad?”

Gordon shook his head “No it’s neither of those things…. she’s very well… you know …especially for a woman her age …. and I don’t care about him. I wouldn’t want him to know of course, but it wouldn’t trouble my conscience.”

Vicki Tomlinson poured them both another glass of wine and once again started to explain “how there’s nothing more flattering to a woman than having a man literally give himself to her, and how when it comes to sex, unless the woman is in complete control of everything, the man eventually gives in to his urges and satisfies himself whether or not the woman wants more. Maybe just a bit more, maybe a lot more, but sex when the man has any sort of say in the proceedings always finishes when the man wants it to. So look at it as giving her a sex toy, only a real live one… and not just a sex toy, but someone to toy with.”

He nodded, beginning to wonder whether what he was being told was more than just a fantasy of the woman sat staring at him, “What if she’s not flattered? What if she doesn’t want to use me?”

Mrs Tomlinson smiled back at him “Well if that’s the case she can always just untie you can’t she? And even then she’ll get the satisfaction of knowing that she’s attractive to a much younger man and that you were willing to totally give yourself to her. No harm done. Except a little embarrassment on your part maybe that you’ve gone to all that trouble and a woman doesn’t want you.”

He nodded again and repeated what he’d been told for clarification “So the best thing any woman can be presented with is a man totally subservient to her needs, a man unable to do anything she might not want, or effectively unable to do anything at all other than pleasure her?”

“So yes tied to a bed, and preferably wearing fancy lingerie to show how totally subservient he really is. Men always want women to dress up for them, so if he dresses up as society expects women to, it shows how much he’s going against gender stereotyping by acting the part of the so-called weaker sex.” Gordon gulped down his third glass of wine as Vicki added “Oh and a blindfold. Adds to the power trip if the man can’t see what she’s up to.”


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