Serial · Story

The Perfect Present – 2

Vicki Tomlinson’s eyes rolled upwards and her breathing got heavier as Gordon Lister began to wonder if she was getting some sort of thrill just from describing her idea of the perfect present “and some sort of gag is always a good idea. More symbolic than anything else. Just to show that he’s hers to use as she pleases and won’t making any requests, suggestions, interruptions, demands… that sort of thing.”

Gordon paused before he explained that his reluctance was more than nerves. There were practical issues such as not knowing where to get lingerie from, and how could he manage to tie himself up, particularly if he was blindfolded?

Vicki opened another bottle of wine, refilled both glasses and said very softly, “You can have some of my stuff to wear, and if you like, I’ll help you practice getting ready.”

“But what if she tells my dad? Or he comes home and finds us? He’ll kill me!”

“Why would she do that? It’d only make things a little uncomfortable at the dining table. So if she doesn’t make use of your offer, all the two of you will be keeping secret is that nothing really happened. And if you’re scared that your dad might come home and find you, either before or during, use this place.” She lent backwards in her chair, sipping wine and added almost casually “So do you want to have a practice now? I can go find you some old stuff to put on that I don’t mind getting stretched or damaged.”

Gordon nodded his reluctant agreement. He was feeling the effects of the alcohol and couldn’t think of any more reasons not to do as Vicki Tomlinson had suggested, but knew that even if he could think of anything else, she’d probably have an answer.

Vicki Tomlinson went upstairs and returned about five minutes later, explaining that she’d left some stuff on her bed for him to have a go with, and that he ought to give her a shout when he needed help.

Gordon climbed the stairs, still not sure that he should be doing what he intended to do, but entered Mrs Tomlinson’s bedroom and slowly undressed. He pulled on a pair of white stockings and spent ten minutes awkwardly fastening them in place with a while frilly suspender belt decorated with little blue flowers. He then pulled up a matching set of little white and blue panties that were way too small even before his erection hardened and strained at the flimsy material.

He sat down on the bed and tied a silk scarf to each wrist and each ankle before reaching down and tying one restraint from each leg to a foot of the bed. There were two more scarves laid on a pillow which Gordon assumed were either spares or possibly for use as a gag and a blindfold, but he didn’t think that he could manage either without help so lay down on the bed and called out for assistance.

Mrs Tomlinson walked into the room a minute later and asked “So how far have you got?” He waved both arms and shook his head “Only my legs. This is impossible.”

She walked to the far side of the bed and explained that “he ought to loop the left hand scarf up around the headboard first, tie it into a loop with your right hand, hold steady and pull, then try to do the same with the other hand, only using your teeth to pull it tight.”

It took him three goes with the left hand, and two with the right before he asked “and I suppose the trick is to learn to do it after fastening on the gag and the blindfold?” Vicki Tomlinson walked around the bed checking the quality of the knots, pulling each one tighter, before she leant across him and tied the silk blindfold over his eyes and said “No Gordon, the trick is to get a man tied to your bed so that you can …um… do whatever you want with him.”

He started to protest but Vicki Tomlinson put her finger to his lips, “Now don’t try to tell me that you misunderstood my offer to help. What did you think I meant by helping you practice? Just tying yourself up with some scarves? Tut, tut, tut. How naïve of you.” He couldn’t see her, but he knew that she was grinning as she said it and the short terse sentence that followed, “And I won’t be needing any requests, suggestions, interruptions, demands… that sort of thing.”


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