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The Perfect Present – 3

She squeezed his cheeks so that his lips formed an open circle and forced a small ball of damp cloth into his mouth before tying the final scarf around his neck and chin to hold it in place and breathlessly whispering into his ear. “Taste how excited you’ve got me Gordon.”

He instinctively knew that it was her underwear pressing against his tongue as she ran her fingers down his chest and inside the leg of the frilly panties with the very firm explanation that “You can’t see me, but you can taste me.”

Gordon lay there as Vicki Tomlinson rubbed and licked, stroked and scratched, sucked and tickled for seemed like hours. He’d never felt such pain, such frustration, or such and incredible urge to explode all over, but every time he got close, Mrs Tomlinson expertly allowed the feelings to subside before starting again. And each time he got close to an orgasm, he felt the woman lying next to him finger herself to ecstasy.

He’s lost count of the number of times she’d taken him to the edge and brought him back again, and the number of time he thought she’d gone over her own edge from the power of tormenting him, but all of a sudden she pushed his erection deep inside her and exploded all around him as he exploded into her.

She left the room and came back a minute later with what Gordon realized was a towel and dried his head, face, hair and body before fastening the suspenders in place on the front and back of his thighs and rearranging the panties so that once again his penis was straining at the edges of the flimsy material.

He heard the click of a camera phone, followed by a dialing tone. “Oh hi, it’s me. Happy Birthday for tomorrow. I’ve got you a present for you at my place. Do you want to come round and see if it fits?” He heard three more clicks which he assumed was an image getting attached and sent, and then heard hysterical laughter from the recipient of the phone call followed by “I’m on my way. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!”

Vicki bent down and whispered in Gordon’s ear “Too late for that, but you did want to practice.”

He heard Vicki leave the room, go downstairs and open the front door. Minutes later he heard his step-mother excitedly thank Mrs Tomlinson, ask how she managed it, decide that it didn’t matter, bound up the stairs two at a time and very quickly undress at the side of him.

She didn’t take as long as her friend had to sit on him. She pulled his penis out of the flimsy garment which was restraining it, tugged away until it was fully erect and instantly pushed it deep inside her while placing both hands on his chest and scratching deep grooves from his neck to his navel.

Her orgasm was every bit as intense as Vicki Tomlinson’s had been, and he was inside her for not much longer, but as had been the case ten minutes earlier, his own orgasm felt like it had come up from the soles of his feet.

She got off him and kissed his forehead “Thank you Gordon. Best. Birthday. Present. Ever. How did you know what I wanted?” He thought that she was going to remove the gag so that he could answer but Vicki Tomlinson called out from downstairs “Have you finished with him?” and received the reply that “she’d done for now, but would it be okay to have another go later? Maybe take some time or something?”

The voice downstairs started laughing. “Well it’s not your birthday until tomorrow, so if you want to keep your present here overnight, feel free!”

He heard his step-mother dress, go downstairs, thank her friend again, and leave thru the front door before Vicki Tomlinson came back into the bedroom and removed the gag from his mouth. “Maybe we should have clarified what we meant by practice, but getting a man like this is so …. well so irresistibly erotic … that I just couldn’t ….. just can’t ….um… help myself”

He was about to ask what he quickly realized would have been pointless questions when a naked Vicki Tomlinson climbed onto his chest and positioned her lower body over his mouth. “Corinne might want to do this when she comes back, and since you asked me to help you practice being what every woman wants.….” He couldn’t see anything, but suspected that she was trying very hard not to laugh.

Gordon Lister didn’t need to be told what to do: he was quite happy to lick and this was more than he’d secretly hoped for when tying himself to the bed of the woman now sat on top of him and writhing gently from side-to-side. He’d fantasized about his step-mother ever since he went thru puberty, and he’d fantasized about Mrs Tomlinson when he’d noticed her excitement at describing a man in his current situation, but he’d not really thought that actually getting used for either woman’s sexual gratification was even remotely possible.

He laid there licking exactly as Mrs Tomlinson told him to: slowly, quickly, deeper, up and down, side to side, clockwise, anti-clockwise; and started to congratulate himself on how life just couldn’t get any better when he heard the dialing of a cell phone somewhere up above his head, “Oh hi it’s me. I’ve got Corinne a present for tomorrow but it’s not yet ….well, perfect. Do you want to come round and help me get it ready for her?”

He heard three more clicks and assumed that the photo from earlier had now also been sent to whoever had answered the phone  which instantly made him feel even happier as the muffled sound of hysterical laughter was quickly followed by a woman’s voice: “I’m on my way. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!”


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