The Secret Agreement

“I’m sure we can work something out” said Carrie Adams as she put on her glasses and stepped closer to him. He was frozen with embarrassment and totally unable to speak as she stroked the side of his cheek with her left hand and playfully ran the fingers of her right hand up and down his outer thigh.

“Er, okay, Mrs Adams” he spluttered not daring to look directly at her, “but please don’t tell anyone.”

Carrie Adams grinned, “That rather depends on what you’re willing to do, now doesn’t it Gordon. And as you’ve just walked in on me dressed like this while I was….” Her voice tailed off as she stared admiringly at the erection protruding from the top of the lacey underwear he’d squeezed into only five minutes earlier. “And those panties you’re bursting out of look like the ones my daughter had on yesterday. Did you get them from the laundry or something?”

Gordon Lister nodded slowly and continued to stare at the floor. He’d found the panties in the hamper in the corner of a back bedroom, and after rubbing them his face got intoxicated by the smell and decided to see what it felt like to wear a pair. He’d stripped naked, and then lay on the bed to masturbate while fantasizing about his local college’s most attractive cheerleader: “After all, he’d been dreaming about getting into her pants for years”. He’d stopped almost as soon as he’d started. Debbie Adams had told him that she and her mother would be away all weekend, so he’d stood up, laughed at himself in the full-length mirror, and gone downstairs to find some kitchen tissue when he’d walked in on his next door neighbor sat on a chair clicking away on her cell phone.

“M…M…M…Mrs Adams! What are you doing here?” He’d stuttered, “Debbie said you’d both be away for the weekend and asked if I’d look after your dog.”

“Gordon? Is that you? I’d forgotten my new phone, so came back for it as I wanted to take some pictures, but I didn’t know you were here. I didn’t even hear you come into the room.” Carrie Adams had looked up, holding her cell phone in front of her face and clicking wildly away in his direction as he’d tried desperately to think of a reason why he was wearing nothing except for a pair of her daughter’s frilly panties.

“No shoes on,” Gordon had said apologetically, “but that’s the only bit I can explain.”

“The only bit?” Carrie had asked, obviously puzzled.

“I always take my shoes off in other people’s houses. But please don’t tell anyone about me putting Debbie’s stuff on, and please delete those pictures from your phone.”

Carrie Adams had stood up, put her cell phone in the back pocket of her jeans, strode purposefully towards him and pulled a pair of large octagonal glasses from one of her breast pockets before standing two feet in front of him with her mouth half open, saying absolutely nothing for what had seemed to Gordon like an hour but was probably only two minutes before he’d pleaded with her not to say anything to anyone.

She’d stared for what had seemed like ages before making her open-ended suggestion that maybe they could “work something out” but he hadn’t been able to speak other than to stutter an agreement which implied that whatever her terms were, he was always likely to agree.

“So how about I stay here with you instead of going back to where I’m supposed to be?” asked Mrs Adams rubbing the tip of her tongue around the edge of her lips, “I’ll say our dog was ill or something, and you…..well you were going to be here for the next few days anyway.”

Gordon nodded. He’d said all he could think of to say and had no idea what Mrs Adams was thinking about, but was so desperate to keep his perversion a secret that he immediately agreed. “Firstly Gordon,” said Carrie gesturing towards his waist with the cell phone, “Take them off. You might want to fuck a cheerleader, but I don’t.”

Gordon Lister was still trying to work out if she’d really just suggested what he thought she had, when she bent down, took off both shoes, stood up and started to unbutton her jeans. “It’s been months since I last had a man, and you’re obviously all worked up already, so how about you just fuck me and we’ll keep your little secret between the two of us?”

He was too stunned to speak, so just stared as Mrs Adams took off all her clothes before repeating her instruction, “Shy Gordon? Not to worry. I’m confident enough for both of us. Now take my daughter’s pants off.”

He did as he was told, and was then taken by the hand upstairs to the main bedroom where Carrie Adams put the cell phone on a small table, threw him forcefully backwards onto the bed, straddled him, and pushed his erection deep inside her causing him to instantly explode in a way he’d never done when fantasizing about her daughter.

“That won’t do Gordon. You’ve got to fuck me properly” said Carrie Adams in a tone of voice nobody would argue with, and especially not a nervous man less than half her age. She grabbed onto his shoulders for support and pulled herself slowly up his stomach whispering “We’ll have to try again, but while we’re waiting for you to …um… recharge… ” before sliding up his chest and onto his face and adding, “Lick me to heaven, Gordon, lick me to heaven.” Gordon did as he’d been told, and licked and licked, and Mrs Adams went to heaven many times before she rolled off him.

He was still too stunned by what had happened to even begin to speak, but was about to make some sort of attempt at communicating when Carrie Adams put her index finger to his lips. “But what about contraception? Is that what you were going to say? Well don’t let that bother you. I’m too old for that.”

He shook his head, and asked in whisper “Is this fair? Using me like this because you’ve got some pictures of me dressed up in your daughter’s underwear?”

Carrie Adams started to laugh. “Dressed up with an erection sticking out of my daughter’s underwear you mean? You’re quite right, it’s not fair. Not yet anyway. When you’ve fucked me properly, then it’ll be fair.”

Gordon sighed “But you’ll never tell anyone my secret and you’ll delete all the photos from your phone? Promise?”

Carrie Adams leant forward so that their noses touched. “You satisfy me just the once without me needing to sit on your face and I promise never to tell a soul about finding you dressed up like that, and I’ll let you delete whatever you want from my phone yourself. Deal?”

Gordon nodded as Mrs Adams added “and I’ll even tell you a couple of things about me that you might wish you’d known half an hour ago which could have made our … … negotiations not so one-sided. Your little secret will always be our little secret, but you’ll also know some things about me.” She paused, and drew a deep breath, “other than what it takes to get me off of course.”

She lay next to him, gently stroking, rubbing and scratching all over his body while whispering obscenities in his ear until he was fully hard once again, and then rolled back over on top of him, pushed his erection back inside her, and writhed around until he exploded just like he had done thirty minutes earlier.

“Better Gordon, but I’ll still have to sit on your face.” She lifted herself forwards and up onto his mouth, and once Gordon again sent her to heaven before she rolled back onto the bed.

Gordon lay there almost motionless for the next three hours: and every thirty minutes or so Mrs Adams brought him to full arousal, pushed his erection deep inside her, writhed about until he’d reached another juddering orgasm, and then pulled herself up his body and onto his face until she shuddered to a halt and rolled off him.

He awoke to find the sun shining thru the window and Mrs Adams gently sucking away at his penis, his reddened face reflected in her glasses. “Ah, good, you’re awake” she said as she yet again straddled him and writhed about, only this time she was sat on him until she orgasmed with such force that Gordon was in no doubt that he’d finally managed to last long enough, and instantly exploded both with relief that he’d finally done it, and sheer excitement from the sensation of warm liquid cascading out of her and all over him.

She collapsed to his side, drenched with sweat and grinning contentedly, “Thank you Gordon. Consider yourself as having kept your side of the bargain.”

“So you won’t tell anyone about yesterday and you’ll delete the pictures?”

Carrie Adams sat slowly upright and started to giggle, “No I promise not to tell anyone, but do you remember me saying that I’d let you into a couple of secrets?”

Gordon slowly sat himself upright and turned at the waist so that he was looking directly into her eyes, “Yes, but what’s so funny about them?”

Carrie Adam’s giggling turned to guttural laughter as she interrupted him “I can’t see a thing without my glasses on, and I don’t know how to work the camera thingy on my new phone. When you walked into the room yesterday I was just trying to get it to turn on, so if you’d not spoken, I wouldn’t even have known that you were there. And if you’d not told me that you were stood there in Debbie’s things I wouldn’t even have known, but what you said made me want to walk across the room and get a close up of what you were talking about. ”

Carrie Adams wiped the sweat from her brow, picked up the cell phone from the bedside cabinet, handed it over to Gordon, and trying very hard to stifle her laughter said “you can check it for non-existent embarrassing pictures if you like, I don’t mind.”

Gordon Lister didn’t even turn it on, just shook his head and smiled as he handed it back, “It’s okay, I believe you, but if you want me to show you how it works, I’m sure we can work something out…”


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