Three? Two? One?

He heard footsteps on the stairs, followed by the opening of the bedroom door away to his left, and then a question which by its tone didn’t need an answer. “You must be Gordon. Has Jenny just left you like this and gone off somewhere?”

Gordon Lister was naked, blindfolded, gagged and securely tied to all four corners of a very large bed, and nodded vigorously in reply to all three parts of what he assumed was a rhetorical question being asked of him by Mrs Carpenter .

“Did she say anything like when she’d be back, what she had planned, or why she’d decided that you could use my bed for your fun and games?” Gordon shook his head. He was now certain that it was Jenny’s mother who had found him, and quickly tried to process some sort of explanation for his predicament in anticipation of her undoing a knot around one of his wrists so that he could free himself.

“So is it that you don’t know anything, or are you just refusing to tell me?” Gordon shook his head again, trying to work out why Mrs Carpenter hadn’t at least removed the gag from his mouth so that he could try to mumble an answer to her questions.

He couldn’t see anything, but somehow he thought that Jenny’s mother was trying not to laugh as he heard her walk slowly around the bottom of the bed and stop by the chest of drawers Jenny had pulled six silk scarves from an hour or so earlier.

“There’s some sort of contract on here, Gordon. Is it your signature at the bottom?” He nodded. Jenny Carpenter had suggested that he sign it prior to the two of them experimenting with some bondage play, some gentle teasing, “maybe a few other things”, and that they’d stop whenever one of them was uncomfortable and used the agreed safe-word.

“It says here Gordon that the ‘sub’ agrees to provide ‘mistress’ with any and all sexual gratification that ‘mistress’ demands, in any way that said ‘mistress’ wants for as long as she wants, unless and until said ‘sub’ uses the agreed safe-word etcetera, etcetera. And where it says ‘sub’ you’ve signed next to it. No ‘mistress’ signature though. And no mention of what this agreed safe-word might be.”

He shook his head. Jenny had told him that those bits didn’t matter, that her mother wouldn’t be back for hours, that he was going to be a sex slave for at least the rest of the afternoon, and if he wanted whatever it was that was happening to him to stop all he had to do was say the word ‘Avocado’ and he’d be untied without hesitation.

He lay there trying to make out what Mrs Carpenter was doing when he heard what he knew to be the clicking of buttons on a cell phone followed by what sounded more like an instruction than a request: “I’ve changed my mind. We’ll discuss it in the kitchen.”

He wasn’t sure, but from the sounds he could make out Gordon thought that Mrs Carpenter put the cell phone on top of the chest of drawers, sat down on the chair in the corner of room and removed her shoes.

He heard nothing for seemed like an age until the silence was interrupted by the ringing of a doorbell, quickly followed by the sound of stocking feet striding past him, out of the room and down the stairs. Gordon heard the door unlock, then open, followed by the sound of two women talking animatedly, but he couldn’t distinguish their voices or make out what they were saying.

After what he thought were about five minutes, he heard two sets of muffled footsteps on the stairs followed by the sound of what he now knew to be Mrs Carpenter’s voice a few feet away in the doorway to his left “So this young man has obviously let himself be tied to my bed, and that signed bit of paper in your hand confirms that he’s expecting some sort of sexual activity with ‘mistress’, whoever that may be, but it doesn’t say whether any woman can be ‘mistress’ or if the role could be passed on from one woman to another.”

He heard the other woman collapse in a fit of giggles and Mrs Carpenter trying very hard not to laugh as she added “He’s very….um…well-endowed isn’t he? And that erection’s been there ever since I found him.” The giggling got louder as four sharp fingernails ran up the inside of his naked right thigh accompanied by the sound of buttons unfastening only inches from his left ear.

He flinched and arched his back upwards away from the bed as a second set of sharp fingernails scratched across his lower stomach at the same time as some clothes fell to the floor about two feet away and Mrs Carpenter started to laugh somewhere just in front of him. “Come downstairs when you’ve finished” said Mrs Carpenter sounding as though she was rising as she spoke, adding “I’ll pour some wine” from close to the doorway. He then heard the sound of almost-silent footsteps leaving the room, followed the dull clunk of a door being very firmly closed.

Gordon began to worry. He’d been more than keen to have an afternoon’s sex with Jenny Carpenter in whatever way or ways she wanted, and had signed her form without even the slightest hesitation. He’d even helped her with the knots as she’d tied him to her mother’s bed, but now he lay helpless as whoever the new woman was climbed up on top of him, faced away from the headboard, pushed his erection deep inside her, and dug her razor-sharp nails into the tops of his legs.

She writhed around slowly at first, then faster, then slowly, then up and down until he was about to explode when she stopped, grabbed his penis between a thumb and forefinger until the pressure subsided, and then started again, over and over until she finally climaxed and rolled off him sideways as his newly-released penis exploded all up and over his lower body.

The unknown woman then slid off the bed, picked up whatever clothes had been piled on the bedroom floor and left the room, leaving a puzzled Gordon Lister to wonder whether he knew the person who had just used him as a sex toy, and whether or not that was why neither she nor Mrs Carpenter had removed his blindfold.

It must have been over half-an-hour later when he heard some almost-silent footsteps enter the room, and felt the gag pulled gently down from his mouth to below his chin. He thought about speaking, but hadn’t had time to process whether or not use a safe-word only he and Jenny knew, when a woman climbed up onto his chest, grabbed the back of his head with both her hands, and slid upwards so that she was sat very firmly on his face. She said nothing, but he knew what he was supposed to do. He licked.

She writhed and moaned on top of him, but the muffling effect of her thighs against his ears meant that he couldn’t tell whether this woman was someone he’d never met or if he’d heard her voice before, but whoever this woman was it didn’t seem to matter how many orgasms he gave her; she kept on riding his face until he finally passed out.

Gordon awoke to find Jenny Carpenter untying the scarves from his ankles. Both his wrists were already free and the blindfold was now hanging from the corner of the headboard. “Why did you leave me?” He protested, “Who’s just used me? Did you know what would happen?”

Jenny finished undoing the knots and sat on the side of the bed smiling “So what makes you think I left you Gordon? Just because you know that my mother walked in?”

He nodded, trying to process what had happened after Jenny had tied, gagged and blindfolded him. “Are you trying to tell me that it was you she was talking to earlier? That she came in and saw me like this and then just left you to it?”

Jenny started laughing “Well, it’s either that or she left someone else to it! And why would either of us do that? Next you’ll be suggesting that she had sex with you as well, just because you couldn’t see anything.”

Gordon sat up and looked directly into Jenny’s eyes, hoping for some sort of reaction “So are you telling me that I’ve had sex with you? And that the whole blindfold, silence thing was to make me think that I’d had sex with some other women?”

“Women?” asked Jenny, looking puzzled.

“Your mother definitely left a woman in the room with me, and it was definitely her who ran her fingers all over me while that woman got undressed. So yes, ‘women’.” He replied, stressing the last word.

“That doesn’t mean you had sex with two women Gordon, only that my mother was here while one got undressed. And you don’t know that woman wasn’t me.” Gordon nodded his agreement “I suppose…..but what about the woman who sat on me? That could have been your mother or anybody …..?”

Jenny Carpenter shook her head “Do you really think that I’d share you with my mother? And why do you even think a different woman used you from the one my mother left you with?”

Gordon Lister couldn’t think of answer. He didn’t  know for sure how many women had been involved, let alone whether his first date with Jenny Carpenter had resulted in him having sex with her, either reverse cow-girl fashion or orally.

Jenny left the room with an obviously satisfied smirk on her face as she grinned from ear-to-ear, leaving Gordon to wonder whether it was the result of intense sexual gratification, or from orchestrating the subterfuge that had resulted in his use as a human sex toy for at least one other woman, and possibly two, one of whom may have been her mother.

He collected his clothes from where they’d been scattered across the carpet, slowly got dressed, picked up the pile of silk scarves and the cell phone from the dresser, and scrolled thru its screens until he found the recent call menu. He pressed the entry at the top of the recently-dialled list and listened intently to the excited voice which replied: “That was even better than I imagined it would be! What a fantastic idea! How can we get to do it again?”

Gordon paused for a few seconds before he spoke into Mrs Carpenter’s phone, and knowing from the contact name lit up in front him that the person on the other end would recognize his voice said very calmly: “All you have to do is ask. And whatever else you’ve thought about, we can do that as well.”

He put the cell phone back on the dresser, tucked the silk scarves into his pockets, and slowly walked out of Mrs Carpenter’s bedroom with a satisfied smirk on his face even wider than the one that had been on her daughter’s face ten minutes earlier.


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