Serial · Story

The Crystal Deception – 1

“I want you to shave me.”

Gordon Lister was momentarily too stunned to speak before stammering “Er, sorry Mrs Seddon, but what did you just say?”

Angela Seddon smiled as she calmly repeated what she’d just said and added with a smile “and I want you to take your time about it as well. No rushing or anything.”

Gordon stood and stared open-mouthed as the woman in front of him unfastened her robe with one hand and gestured down the front of her naked body with the other as she said in a very matter-of-fact tone, “there are clippers and things in that leather purse behind you.”

Gordon turned towards the kitchen sink and saw a small black zip-up bag about the size of a house brick before turning back to see that Mrs Seddon was now sitting on the edge of her kitchen table.

“You promised me you’d do anything by way of an apology Gordon. Absolutely anything if I remember correctly. And as your mother would be distraught if I told her how careless you’d been with that precious ornament she gave me when my husband died … well you can’t back out now….” she said lying backwards so that her knees were lined up with the edge of the pine table and her feet dangled freely about eighteen inches above the tiled floor.

His hands trembled as he opened the bag to find a pressurized can of scented shaving gel, a pair of nail scissors, a couple of disposable razors and some miniature clippers with holes just large enough to insert a finger and thumb into while the woman whose antique vase he’d broken interlocked her fingers and put both hands behind her head.

Gordon began to sweat nervously and tried to sound even more sincere than he had earlier “I’m very sorry that I knocked over your flowers and smashed the vase into all those pieces, but it’s …” Angela Seddon interrupted him: “Irreplaceable? I agree. You wouldn’t be able to find anything like that even if you did have enough money to buy one, but  you suggested that I have a glass of wine and think about what you could do for me while you were clearing the mess up and promised that you’d do absolutely anything to make up for it. So I’ve just had a nice bath and a few glasses, and I got to thinking about how you’re such an attractive young man ….. and how it was obviously a very valuable family heirloom ….” Her voice tailed off as she started laughing at Gordon’s attempt to stutter a protest “But, but, but can’t you think of something else? I’ve never done anything like this!”

She sat upright and stared intently at him, glowering menacingly as she said very firmly “I can think of many other things you could do for me Gordon, but we’ll start with a nice trim. It’s something I’ve really missed since my husband passed away.” before lying back down on the table adding “and don’t worry about it being your first time. The thought that I’m your first will only make it better for me…..”

Gordon looked down at the woman lying naked in front of him and began to think that she was in far better shape than she’d looked standing up: her stomach had flattened and her breasts had settled into small mounds which resembled oversize cup cakes with very large cherries sat on top. He took the six-inch pink canister from the bag, knelt down on the cold tiles between her calves and squirted a small amount of gel into the palm of his left hand as she slid fractionally closer to him.

He started to sweat: unsure as to what he was going to do, wondering whether he ought to do whatever it was she was expecting, and beginning to doubt whether he was in anyway in control of his own actions, or whether a woman half his body weight but more than twice his age was in some undefinable way too terrifying for him to resist.


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