Serial · Story

The Crystal Deception – 2

Gordon reached forwards apprehensively and tenderly rubbed the gel on Mrs Seddon’s pubic hairs causing her to moan softly as she grabbed his wrist and slowly guided his hand in small circular motions. She let go the instant his fingers strayed momentarily inside her, arching her back while a distinctly uncomfortable erection forced Gordon Lister to unfasten the buttons at the top of his denims.

He shuffled closer, adjusted his trousers and slowly began to shave; rubbing Angela Seddon with the fingers of his left hand, and inserting them into her with increasing frequency as his own excitement increased almost as quickly as her’s did.

By the time she was completely bald, he’d moved so close that his nose was almost rubbing against the back of his left hand, and the swelling in his trousers was so intense that he’d have agreed to anything Mrs Seddon wanted in return for a release of any sort, but he didn’t get the chance to ask, or even to beg, as Angela Seddon wrapped her legs around the back of his neck, grabbed both his ears and pulled him towards her so that his face was buried deep inside the warm, moist vagina he’d been shaving for the last twenty minutes.

He instinctively started to lick as Angela Seddon’s shuddering, juddering orgasm rocked the table against the tiled floor like a heavy metal drum solo while she groaned as if in pain before letting go and tilting his face up. “Fuck me Gordon. Now.” Her expression told him that this wasn’t a request, but he wouldn’t have argued even if he’d wanted to, so he stood up, unfastened his zip, pushed his pants and boxers to the floor and did exactly what he’d been told to do.

Gordon Lister lasted barely a minute before exploding inside Angela Seddon who wrapped her legs tightly around his waist and squeezed his ribcage until he was almost unable to breathe. “Thank you Gordon,” she whispered pulling him towards her, “but how about we explore some of the other things you asked me to think about?”

Gordon didn’t know how to react as he was too embarrassed at not lasting very long after he’d entered her to do anything except comply with whatever it was that she wanted, “Anything you say Mrs Seddon, anything you say.”


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