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The Graduation List – 1

Gordon Lister had never felt so nervous or embarrassed. His mouth was dry, his heart was racing and the growing bulge in his lower abdomen was straining painfully against the restrictions of his denim jeans. He’d sat silently with his arms folded across his chest, staring blankly at the wall while the women sat either side of him had discussed possible ways of tying someone up, and the many different things they could then do with that person.

The woman on his right was somewhere in her forties, slightly overweight with a soft husky voice made somewhat seductive by the gentle slurring of someone who’d drunk far more than the solitary glass of wine Gordon had seen. She had long fair hair greying at the edges, tied neatly on the top of her head, and made no attempt to disguise her emotions, but he couldn’t tell whether it was his discomfort giving her pleasure, or whether it was because she was visualising the acts she was describing: either way, his heart had started to beat faster than he could ever remember.

“Err, I d-d-d-don’t know,” he stammered apologetically, “it’s not the sort of thing I’ve any experience of.”

Carol Keever finished the last mouthful of her wine and grinned at him “Well you surely don’t think that we have do you? Why would we have been indecisively scribbling possibilities on a list and then crossing things off when you came in if I knew what to do?”

Gordon nodded, unsure of what to say as he shuffled uncomfortably in what immediately became clear was a futile attempt to hide his erection. “So why don’t you tell me what caused that then?” said Carol smiling as she nodded downwards in the direction of his trousers while pouring herself another glass of Californian Pinot Noir.

He started to stutter again “I-I-I don’t know….it w-w-w…” but was interrupted by the laughing woman sat to his left, “Have we made you nervous Gordon? Are you beginning to wish that your mother hadn’t sent you round here, or are you just regretting asking about Carol’s little dilemma?”

Gordon didn’t speak. He shuffled again and tried to force a wry smile as the women refilled their glasses before moving closer to him: one on each side and so close that he felt pressed between them.

“So are you going to give us an answer then Gordon?” continued Carol Keever, “What do you think would be the best way to restrain a man after three months without any sort of physical action so that I can make sex last as long as I want it to?”

Gordon turned first to Mrs Keever and then to her friend, and then looked down back at the wall across from him, desperately trying to avoid making any more eye contact. He started to stand, but was stopped by hands appearing in unison from both sides and pressing down on his knees “Where are you going? You can’t let us tell you all that without you giving us any answers” said the woman on his left in a tone of voice that sounded unused to any sort of dissent.

It was now over thirty minutes since Mrs Keever had offered him a glass of wine with the invitation to settle a disagreement between her and Mrs Williams. She’d explained that they’d started their discussion when he got out of his car and walked up the path, and it had turned out that each of them had many common ideas, but there were a few things they just couldn’t agree on, so could he possibly tell them what he thought?

Gordon had politely declined until her friend had explained with a smile that it wasn’t so much an argument, more like a difference of opinion and a male view would be very welcome. He’d thought they were discussing some sort of DIY task and were compiling a shopping list of tools and fixings, so had readily agreed to tell them what he thought, but after they’d sat him down, they’d started talking about all sorts of sex, with almost all of it involving the domination of a helpless man.

Mrs Keever had started describing what she wanted to do, and as how it had been three months since she’d last seen her husband sex was likely to be over frustratingly quickly unless there were restraints of some sort. She’d then gone on to explain how his wrists could be tied together with the band from her hair, how he could be gently pushed backwards and tied to the arm of the three-seater couch, and then maybe the electrical cord from the lamp in the corner of the room could be used to bind his ankles, all hopefully without him resisting.

She’d gone on to explain that she intended to remain silent and fully clothed to make him try to guess what was happening, but she what really wanted to know was “would he allow her to do all this, and if he did, could he free himself before she’d finished doing all the things she’d been thinking about for the last few months?”

Melissa Williams was older than her friend, but considerably thinner making her lined face look almost aggressive even when she smiled. She’d concurred with Carol’s intention to stay fully dressed, but said that if was her then it could lead to a feeling of such absolute power that she’d probably have several orgasms long before any penetrative sex, and certainly long before the man did. However, she didn’t think it likely that a man would just allow a fully-clothed woman to tie him up without knowing why, that any hair band would be strong enough, or that using a cord with a lamp on one end and a plug on the corner was even remotely practical.

Gordon had agreed with all three of those reservations, but hadn’t said anything, nor had he commented on either woman’s preferences for what they’d do next, in what order or for how long. He’d just sat there wondering how long it be before they let go home and think about the things they’d said in the privacy of his locked bedroom.

Gordon turned towards Mrs Keever and tried to start some sort of conversation in an attempt to avoid giving either of them an answer as he wasn’t sure if one may be offended or upset if he chose what the other had described. “Don’t you have anything else you can use? Is it because you want to look spontaneous?”

“Something like that!” she replied almost spilling her wine as she started to laugh, “are you suggesting I use scarves or a belt or something?”

Both women laughed as Gordon looked at one and then other before he stammered “I-I-I-I don’t think my opinion could possibly count for much.”

Melissa Williams pulled his cheek round gently to face her. “But you are a man Gordon. Why not let Carol see what would work?”

Gordon smiled and replied in what he thought was a very insistent tone of voice. “You’re not tricking me like that. Letting two women tie me up? Anything could happen.”

Carol Keever reached round and gently turned his face towards her while obviously trying very hard not to laugh. “I hope you’re joking Gordon. Do you really think that the two of us would do any of the things we’ve been talking about to a man half our ages?”

Gordon laughed nervously “Of course I was joking, but just in case I’d like you to promise…” Carol Keever interrupted him “We absolutely promise that neither Mel nor me will use you as some of practice for carrying out any of the stuff we’ve talked about for the last half an hour on our husbands, that the two of us aren’t any sort of partnership intent on anything to you after you’re tied up, and that you’ll be untied as soon as you ask.”

“Ok then,” he replied holding out his hands and laughing, “I’ll risk it. Do whatever you want.”


Continued in part two….


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