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The Graduation List – 2

Carol Keever didn’t say anything. She pushed him backwards and reached above her head to pull out the hair band which she used to bind his wrists onto the arm of the three-seater couch. He didn’t even try to resist as the woman behind him passed Carol Keever the silk scarf from around her neck which then quickly used to tie his ankles to the other end of the chair.

Carol Keever then stood up and reached slowly up under her skirt with her right hand and pulled an off-white pair of panties down her legs while simultaneously reaching forward with her left hand and pinching Gordon’s cheeks so that his mouth opened. She pushed the sodden underwear in between his lips as Melissa Williams wrapped the slender leather belt from her trousers round his head to hold it place and buckled it firmly at the back of his neck.

He heard derisive laughter from above and behind him, followed by a cold emotionless voice which said, “As promised, the two of us aren’t going to do anything. I’m going home now. Carol on the other hand……..” Melissa Williams paused and chuckled softly as she added “And of course you can ask her to be untied as soon as she lets you speak.”

He was still trying to process what was happening as Carol Keever reached across him to rip open his shirt before grabbing the top of his denims with both hands. She pressed her thumbs into the top button to release it and tore the zipper and his boxers, causing his now-fully erect penis to spring upwards and away from what was left of the material.

Gordon stared upwards to see the two women kiss tenderly before Mrs Williams walked towards the door, stopped and turned round. “He said that you can do whatever you want. So do all those things we’ve been talking about and call me when you’ve finished.” She walked out of the room leaving Gordon Lister semi-naked, bound, gagged and completely at the mercy of a wide-eyed woman grinning down at him maniacally.

He couldn’t see a clock so had no idea how long, the scratching, biting, edging and teasing lasted, nor had he been able to count how many times Carol Keever had sucked his penis so far down her throat and clamped its base in her teeth that he felt as though it was about to be ripped from his lower abdomen; but after what seemed like an eternity, she finally spoke. “I’m going to fuck you now”

He didn’t even try to disagree: he couldn’t speak and his entire body felt as if it was frozen into submission while simultaneously begging her to do exactly that.

She pressed him down, lifted one leg up and over him, grabbed the hem of her skirt with both hands and sat down on his stomach before an unseen hand grabbed hold of his erection and pushed it deep inside something very warm and moist.

Her instant orgasm was intense, shuddering and volcanic, and followed seconds later by Gordon’s own which started at the soles of his feet, travelled up his legs and exploded with a release of energy that it exceeded the quivering of the woman on top of him, and totally masked the pain he would otherwise have felt from ten razor-sharp fingernails leaving deep incisions in his chest.

Carol Keever sat motionless until her pulse had stopped racing and her breathing had fallen back to its normal rate before reaching forward and unfastening the buckle of Melissa William’s belt. It dropped down his chin and around his neck, and Gordon Lister spat out the gag which had stopped him from speaking for however long the woman he was looking up at had been playing with him.

“Are you going to call your friend now or untie me?” he said struggling to pronounce the words, but not feeling anything like the nerves he’d had earlier, and added, “or are we going to carry on with the pretense?”

“Well, if you want me to untie you, then I’ll untie you. That was the deal, but there hasn’t been any pretense as you put it. You said do what you want, so I did.”

“That wasn’t what I meant,” he replied, “I know I said that. It’s what was said before that.”

Carol Keever grinned as she stood up to the side of him. It had taken her friend weeks of persuasion and drinking almost two bottles of expensive wine for her for her to do what she’d just done, but she now felt more capable, more confident and even more arrogant than at any time in her life. “OK. How about a little wager? If you find one thing that was said which was false, then I’ll untie you and go along with whatever sexual fantasies you have for the next twenty four hours, and if you can’t …. Well, if you can’t, then I’ll leave you there while I call Mel and then….”

“Deal,” said Gordon firmly before she could finish, “and how about we raise the stakes to all weekend?”

Carol Keever enthusiastically nodded her agreement and started to list what had been said. “I told you I’d not had sex for three months, and I haven’t. I never said that my husband would be coming back, and nor did I say anything about doing what we’ve done with any soft-bodied, balding man my own age. And Mel doesn’t have a husband at all. She’s got some naïve plaything she does all that domination stuff to, so yes, she’s experienced, but that list was of things for me to try. Not her. And I also said that I wouldn’t use you as practice for anything, and that wasn’t a rehearsal. You were the objective as soon as you walked up the path. But why did your mother send you here anyway?”

Gordon lifted his head and looked down at the scratches and bite marks covering his body, before looking up at the exhausted, sneering woman stood over him. “That’s the pretense I was talking about. It wasn’t my mother that told me to come round today. Mel, …. um….Melissa……. Mrs Williams did. I’m her naïve plaything as you put it, and she thought it was time you actually got to do some of the things she’s been teaching you. Like the end of an apprenticeship or something.”

Carol Keever’s jaw dropped in surprise and in a disappointed whisper said very quietly, “Oh….I’d really no idea……About you, about her, about her and you, about today…… I guess you’ve won. ….What is it you want me to do? ……What should I tell Mel?”

“Tell her that you want to go from protégé to partner,” laughed Gordon, “Mel … I mean Mrs Williams is only going to suggest it anyway …..”


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