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The Book Club – Page 1

Gordon Lister slowly lifted his head and asked the woman leaning over his desk to repeat what he thought she’d just whispered. Had she really just asked him if he’d ever thought about having sex in the library? There was nothing wrong with his hearing and he’d learnt how to lip-read at university as part of a disability studies course, but her barely audible suggestion had taken him by surprise.

Jenny Watson leaned in closer and very quietly reiterated her proposal. “I said, one of the members of our book club has a thing for young men like you, …. and books obviously. She’s been dreaming about combining the two for years and as it’s her birthday tomorrow……….” She left the sentence unfinished and lifted his chin with her index finger so that her eyes were staring directly into his before adding: “So is it something you might consider after everyone’s gone home?”

Gordon stuttered a reply about not having ever thought about it, how he was really too shy to just have sex with a woman he didn’t know, and how as he’d only been there a week his boss hadn’t given him any keys to the building and always left after him. Jenny Watson replied with a smile as she leaned over and whispered again into his ear. “Well why don’t you think about it while we have a think about the keys?”

The grinning figure looking down at a now-speechless Gordon Lister was one of three women who’d come into the library every afternoon since he’d started working there five days previously and spent an hour or so sat at the corner table under the security camera glancing in his direction and then sniggering. He’d gazed admiringly at them every day, hurriedly trying to avert his eyes each time one turned towards him, and hadn’t thought that any of them were much older than he was, let alone old enough to consider him a young man.

As she walked back to her friends, Gordon stared admiringly at how well her toned buttocks were highlighted by the cut of her tightly fitting denims, and wondered whether she’d been aware that he’d spent their entire conversation trying to peer directly down her cleavage and not at the monitor he’d been pretending to look at.

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