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The Book Club – Page 2

Gordon Lister spent the rest of that day and most of the night unable to sleep as he thought about what Jenny Watson had said and fantasized about having sex with women who had figures which were obviously the result of spending more time in a gym than they did in the library, and faces which were almost classically beautiful.

He was sitting at his desk eating lunch the next day when his boss dropped a small bunch of keys in front of him: “Do you mind locking up later? I’ve got something planned. The fancy one does the inner office door; the one with the yellow fob is for the main door, and to set the alarm press 7876 hash on the keypad just before you leave. You’ve then got thirty seconds to open the outer door, leave, close it behind you and then lock it with the largest one.”

Gordon looked up, nodded and asked for confirmation that he was also to open up in the morning before he dropped the keys into the top drawer of his desk and started to wonder whether it was just a coincidence or if his boss had been asked to give him a set of keys by the women in the book club.

He spent the next three hours unable to think of anything except what the smiling woman had said the day before, and trying very hard to hide the uncomfortable erection he knew would be instantly noticeable to all the library’s patrons if he ever moved from behind his desk.

“Well?” said a voice disturbing his fantasies, “Have you thought about it?” He looked up to see Jenny Watson stood at his desk with her hands on her hips and her friends stood either side. “Y,y,y,yes,” he stammered, “you’re all very attractive, and I’m flattered that one of you would want to ….. well … I think I’m be too nervous to be ….”

The woman on the left of Jenny Watson interrupted him. “And that’s what so appealing about you. If our birthday girl wanted a man oozing with confidence, then she’d go looking for one, so there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Do think you might get over-excited or something? You could always close your eyes very tightly. Or maybe wear a blindfold? That’s the kind of thing that might help with the nerves.”

Gordon said nothing. He didn’t understand how not being able to see would help him to have sex, but he’d spent the all morning in such a state of excitement that he wasn’t going to risk saying or doing anything which might make his admirer decide to celebrate her birthday in some other way.

“Why don’t you lie over that table?” said the other woman gesturing towards the large piece of oak furniture they’d sat round every day that week, “And then maybe we could help you with your nerves by tying you to the table’s legs? We all know that a young man like you can get over-excited and ….. well you won’t be able to get carried away if you can’t move about much and..… surely you don’t want to risk disappointing someone on her birthday…..?”

Gordon suddenly felt uncomfortable. “Tie me up? Blindfolds? Why? I don’t understand? Anything might happen. And you could let anyone in here to do anything!”

Amy Brennan laughed as she walked towards the inner door, drew the bolts and pulled down the roller blind. “We absolutely promise that we’ll not let anyone else in here. It’ll just be us book club members. And if you agree to the blindfold, after the birthday girl has sat on your face for bit …. you’ll be licking you understand?…… if you can correctly identify who it was, then for the rest of the night,…… that person will do whatever you want…full sex…oral …anal…with a friend…. whatever you want…”

Gordon Lister felt even more excited than he had done at any point in the last twenty four hours. The proposal had changed from sex, to all sorts of sex, and for far longer than the ten minutes or so he’d been dreaming about. “And if I’m wrong?”

“Then how about you agree that same woman gets to do whatever she wants with you all night. Full sex, … oral, ….whatever. But it’s only fair to tell that she’s got some pretty extreme tastes. Comes from reading so many ….um….  books I suppose. It’s been a gradual thing but some of her perversions…..” Amy’s voice tailed off as she turned to glare at the other two who had started to giggle, before turning back to look down at what was now a very excited assistant librarian. “And we’ll even let you have two guesses.”

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