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The Book Club – Page 3

Gordon tried very hard to quickly think of downside to what he was being asked. He didn’t have a problem with giving one of them oral sex while the others watched, particularly as he wouldn’t be able to see them, and some small part of his ego was even considering the possibility that if he did it well then he might become desirable to the other two. And not only were they three of the most attractive women who had ever spoken to him, even if he couldn’t somehow correctly work out which one he’d been satisfying after they removed the blindfold, he’d have a two in three chance of guessing right and getting a wilder night than he’d ever imagined.

All sorts of random thoughts started going round in his mind as he nodded: he didn’t really care which one of them wanted to use him, or how, or for how long. Sex was sex, and what kind of ‘extreme tastes’ could one of these women really be? And surely if he paid careful attention after they covered his eyes, then maybe he could work out who it was? And that would mean instead of him being her sex toy, she’d be his and the ‘perversions’ that turned on whoever it was wouldn’t get to happen anyway.

The woman on Jenny Watson’s left twirled her shoulder-length black hair around in the fingers of her right hand as she interrupted his thought process with an emotionless statement Gordon thought sounded like some sort of challenge. “And if you let one of us film it on your phone we’ll be able to prove who it was if you guess wrong.” He grinned, thought about starring in his very own film of him having sex with the sort of woman who didn’t usually even notice him, stood up, handed over his iPhone and nodded his acceptance, “Deal. Count me in. Or tie me down. Whatever.”

Evie Reynolds stopped playing with her hair, walked around the desk, took Gordon by the hand and led him towards the large oak table where she gently pushed him in the chest so that he fell backwards, and tied his ankles and wrists to the four legs before the shortest of the three women placed some sort of blindfold over his eyes and tied it round the back of his neck.

He tried to work out if any of them had given even the slightest indication that they’d found him attractive, or if any of them had looked more excited than the others when they’d stood at the reception desk as he heard them trying and failing not to laugh, before they suddenly went quiet and he heard the sound of footsteps getting closer to him.

He heard the sound of shoes being slipped off, followed by the noise of a zipper only inches from his right ear, and then the sound of what he assumed were jeans or trousers dropping to the floor before whoever it was climbed up on his chest, interlocked her fingers around the back of his neck, and pulled his mouth hard up into her and what he quickly realized were several intimate body piercings.

Gordon Lister licked and sucked like he’d never licked and sucked anything before, pushing his tongue as far up and as far out as possible, and further into whoever was sat on him than he’d ever thought possible, and all he could vaguely make out was the sound of laughing women muffled by the thighs pressing against his ears, and the rattling of jewelry up above his forehead.

He had no idea how long he licked for, but whoever was sat on him suddenly started to move faster and faster, quivering and shaking until she had an orgasm so violent, so intense that his head hurt from repeated battering against the surface of the table, and his neck felt near to broken from the ever-stronger grip applied to the back of his head.

Gordon could hear women clapping as she got off, leaving him drenched not just from the sweat, but from what had cascaded out of her, down the sides of his face and around his neck, followed by the sound of high fives, whistling, the rustling of clothing and footwear being picked up off the floor and finally some barely audible footsteps as whoever had just sat on him walked almost silently away.

It was almost ten minutes later when Jenny Watson unfastened his blindfold and threw it in the direction of her friends: none of whom looked even remotely disheveled, nor did they look if they’d any intention of untying him.

“Going to try and guess who it was then?” asked Jenny “No point undoing anything before that, ‘cos if you get it wrong, you’ll only be getting tied up again.”

He lifted his head to look over at the women all sat laughing to his left and quickly confirmed what he’d noticed when the dark haired woman had been tying him up: her knee-length skirt had buttons on the side. He couldn’t stop himself from smiling. They’d given him two guesses and one of the two women in zippered trousers was wearing ankle boots with buckles on which he thought would be difficult to slide off unfastened.

Two women, two guesses and he didn’t care which one it was. Did it really matter? They were both attractive, and both more than deserving of getting his full and undivided attention until he was too exhausted to carry on. He took a couple of deep breaths as he considered whether they could have tricked him by getting one of the two wearing trousers to stand next to him and unfasten her zipper before tiptoeing away. It took only seconds for Gordon to dismiss the idea and replace it with the conviction that they would have much of a reason to do anything like that. After all he thought: ‘whoever it was that had been sat on him wanted to spend the night with him anyway, and the only difference it would make if he guessed correctly was that he’d be able to set the sexual agenda instead of getting used in some way.’


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