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The Double Deal – Part One of Two

Gordon Lister blinked and tried to adjust his eyes as he slowly regained consciousness in the bright sunlight.
He’d got no idea where he was, but he was completely naked with his right arm trapped under a sleeping woman with her back to him, and his left wrist handcuffed to an ornate wrought-iron headboard.

He was lying on top of a duvet-less bed in a room he didn’t recognise and the unknown woman was wearing only what appeared to be a red brassiere with matching pants.

He lifted himself gently, trying not the wake the woman lying next to him and peered over her shoulder trying to see who it was and hoping that he’d remember something about the night before. He got two surprises. The first was to notice that the woman lying across his arm and holding his hand very tightly was the mother of a secretary he’d known for about two weeks. The second was to see that his other wrist was handcuffed, but not to the bed. It was secured around the left wrist of a woman he’d only met once: Mrs Harris.

He stared up at the ceiling and tried to work out where he was and what had happened, but couldn’t remember anything after walking Debbie Harris home on what he assumed was the night before.

He flinched his shoulder trying to get some feeling in his right arm and Mrs Harris began to stir, and then very slowly rolled over onto her back so that their arms were side-by-side. She tilted her head towards him:”Morning Gordon,” she said, still only half awake.

Gordon Lister, embarrassed at his nakedness instinctively moved his hand across to cover his lower body, and succeeded only in dragging Mrs Harris’s hand into contact with his flaccid penis which instantly doubled in size. He frantically stammered an apology and shook his hand in the air, succeeding only in causing Mrs Harris’s hand to stroke his inner thigh, and his semi-erect penis to stiffen even more.

“Don’t worry about it Gordon,” Mrs Harris said laughing, “You’re not the first naked man I’ve ever seen. And besides, it’s quite flattering to find out that I can arouse a man half my age.” He smiled wryly, gently raised his right arm higher in the air and nodded towards the handcuffs. “Do you have any idea how this happened? Or where our clothes are or what’s happened to my iPhone?”

Lizzie Harris took a deep breath: “Well we’re in my bedroom, and I couldn’t have got you up here by myself. You’re way too heavy for any woman, or pair of women to move, and I can’t see our clothes. My phone’s here so maybe we could call…” She didn’t finish whatever it was she was about to say as she was interrupted by the buzzing of the cell phone on the bedside cabinet. Lizzie Harris picked it up, touched the screen and turned it towards Gordon so that he could see what it said: “Has he said yes?”.

“Does this mean anything to you?” said Lizzie Harris looking puzzled. “Nothing,” replied Gordon, “Who’s it from?”

“It’s from Cassie Holberg. We were at school together and she was round here last night. But assuming that the he is you, what’s the question? And if the he really is you, she must know something about the two of us. I’ll ask.” Mrs Harris typed out a reply with her thumb with Gordon peering intently at the screen “Has who said yes to what?”

The buzzing and the reply was almost instant. “Has your toyboy agreed to do me as well?” Gordon frowned as he looked at Mrs Harris “Do her? What does that mean? As well as what?”

Lizzie Harris pressed a couple of icons on the cell phone’s screen so that it went onto speaker-mode, pressed the contact and placed it on Gordon’s chest. “Hi Cassie,” she said leaning forwards, “Last night’s a little vague. Can you fill in a few blanks for us?”

The amused voice of a woman replied immediately, in a manner which sounded to Gordon like it was expecting the question. “Well what’s important is that I’ve got two sets of handcuff keys, and you’ve got a toyboy who likes older women. I’ll swap both keys for an afternoon in bed with him. One key for you so you can go get dressed before your daughter finds you manacled to someone she works with, and I’ll give him the other key after he’s given me what he’s been giving you.”

Gordon leant his head forward and spoke softly into the phone: “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ve not done anything with Mrs Harris. I can barely remember bringing Debbie home last night, and the next thing I know …. well I assume you know the situation.”

The voice on the phone started laughing: “Yes, I know your situation. And all I want is for you to do what I wanted you to do last night when you passed out.”

“Which is what exactly?” asked Gordon, even more puzzled than he had been a minute earlier.

The voice on the phone spoke again, only this time it didn’t sound amused: “Two hours to finish doing whatever you’ve been doing with Lizzie, then me for the afternoon. Or I’ll keep the keys and leave you two trying to think of a convincing explanation to give to whoever finds you.”

“Er, I don’t know,” said Gordon, “It all seems very… er…. very… er, can we call you back?”

“You’ve got two hours.” The phone clicked off and Mrs Harris lifted it up off Gordon’s chest and placed it back on the bedside table. “It doesn’t look like we’ve got a choice Gordon. There’s no one we can call without having to explain something we’ve absolutely no explanation for. We’ll have to do what Cassie says.”

Gordon shook his head: “But it’s not you who’ll be doing anything is it? When you’ve been let go, you’ll just get dressed and leave me while you go shopping or something. I’ll be the one doing… well.. getting used as … well.. it’ll be me and a woman who’s probably twice my age doing who knows what.”

Lizzie Harris giggled: “So it’s an age thing? You wouldn’t mind if Cassie was my daughter’s age?”

Gordon started to protest that it wasn’t really what he meant, and that he’d got no idea what happened, or didn’t happen the night before, as Lizzie Harris told Gordon exactly what kind of person Cassie Holberg was, and why they didn’t have much choice about whether or not they did what she’d said.

Cassie Holberg was described to Gordon Lister as a woman whose husband had been in prison for three years, who had always wanted whatever Lizzie Harris had and would do anything to make sure that she got it. And as she was obviously convinced that the woman he was currently shackled to had got herself a toyboy, then she’d got to have one as well, and preferably that same toyboy just to prove that she could.

“But we’ve never…” said Gordon shaking his head, “I mean we’re in bed and I’m naked, and you’re nearly naked, but we’ve not….”

Lizzie Harris smiled and started stroking his inner thigh “But we are chained together Gordon, and will be for god knows how long if Cassie doesn’t come round. And as to what we’ve done, or not done, or might do, only the two of us….” She left the sentence unfinished as her right hand moved across her body and started stroking his erection. “And I wouldn’t be happy knowing that she’d had something she thought was mine, even if it wasn’t, and you obviously find me attractive….”

“Are you suggesting that we have sex?” exclaimed Gordon, “just because your friend wants to fuck me or something?”

“No, I’m suggesting that we have sex because you’re obviously aroused by being here with me, and well …. I must confess that this situation’s really turning me on…” said Lizzie Harris as she rolled over towards him so that his hand was trapped under her body and gripped his erection between the thumb and forefinger of her free hand.

“Well I agree that…,” replied Gordon, about to confirm that he did find her attractive, but four words were all he managed before Mrs Harris rolled on top of him, pulled one leg of her panties to one side and pushed his erection deep inside her “So glad you agree,” she said breathlessly, “I’ve been hoping you’d want to …”

Gordon Lister’s left hand clunked against the headboard, as Lizzie Harris writhed around on top him while he closed his eyes and wondered just how long she’d been thinking about having sex with him to get so exited that she hadn’t needed any sort of foreplay. She was warm, wet and welcoming, and within minutes was writhing in ecstasy as her orgasm shook the bed so intensely that the metal frame behind him rattled loudly against the wall.

His own orgasm followed seconds later, and he opened his eyes to see a tall well-dressed woman stood at the bottom of the bed frantically taking pictures on an iPhone and tried to work  how long she’d been there.

He was still trying to process which of his many questions to ask first as Lizzie Harris rolled off him while the woman put the phone down on the dressing table and threw a small key towards the bed. Gordon watched silently as the sweat-covered woman he’d just had sex with picked it up, unlocked the handcuff from her wrist, stepped off the bed and very deliberately handed the key back to Cassie Holberg.



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