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Carol Service – 2 Christmas Day

He awoke to find the woman sat in the large chair, dressed in a black power suit with her hair tied neatly in a small knot on the top of her head, and dangling a carrier bag from the index finger of her right hand. “Go change,” she said emotionlessly, “I’ve got friends coming round for Christmas dinner, and you’ve got a service to provide.”

He took the bag, went back up the bedroom he’d been in the night before and emptied the contents on the bed: three sets of lingerie. He assumed that he was supposed to choose for himself, and so inspected each one carefully to see if  maybe one style would be somehow more comfortable, but it didn’t take long for him to realize that it didn’t really matter. Nothing would fit, and nothing would be comfortable, but surely whatever-her-name-was only wanted him to wear whatever he selected under something else when her friends came round?

He decided on the black set. Partly because it was the most different from what he’d just taken off, but mainly because he liked the feel of the material. He didn’t know if it was satin or silk, and the bra was once again way too small to fasten, but at least there wasn’t any sort of sign to hang round his neck so placed two sets of lingerie on the chair in the corner, slowly dressed and went back downstairs with another erection pressing hard against the confines of underwear intended for a woman half his size.

His mistress was sat with three other slender, well-dressed women in their fifties: one of whom was rubbing her hands and grinning from ear-to-ear. “Thanks very much Carol. He’s everything you said he was.” Gordon stood near the door, puzzled and embarrassed. He didn’t know who these women were, which one Carol was, or what it was he was supposed to do other than try to cover his erection.

The woman he’d made last night’s agreement with noticed his expression and gestured him over. “I’ve loaned you out. My present for a woman who’s already got everything money can buy. But I couldn’t choose between my friends, so thought that I’d let you do it. And as you’ve put Alison’s underwear on, Alison gets to play dominatrix.” Gordon didn’t speak. Not only could he not think of anything to say, he didn’t know what these women had been told and didn’t want to risk reneging on the deal he’d made with the woman he now knew was called Carol.

“Come here,” said Alison laughing, “let me have a look at what Carol’s got me for Christmas.” Gordon walked over and stood in front of the beckoning woman who promptly leant forward and pulled down the top of the black satin panties to release his erection. “Lovely!” she exclaimed as it sprung out and all four women started laughing. “That’ll do nicely!”

“If you need anything, try the nightstand.” said Carol as the woman he’d just been given to took his hand and led him back up the bedroom he’d got dressed up in earlier where she pushed him back on the bed, told him to “shh” and opened the top drawer of a small cabinet with a lamp on top of it. She rummaged around and pulled out a handful of silk scarves which she used to tie his wrists to the headboard behind him, and his ankles to the small posts at the far corners of the bed.

“Probably better if I gag you,” she said smiling, “we don’t want to disturb the neighbours.” She pushed another scarf into his mouth and tied it securely in place with yet another one wrapped around his jaw and the back of his neck, and added “I’d love to know how Carol got you to agree to this, but she made us all promise not ask, and as I want this more than anything, not knowing how or why is a price I can live with paying. And as it’s been a while since I had the opportunity to demonstrate just how expert I am at keeping a man right on the edge of ……” She left the rest of the sentence unsaid as his back arched upwards as her left hand pulled the panties down further and her lips wrapped around the biggest erection he’d ever had.

He lay there as Alison Archer sucked and stroked, scratched and nibbled, bit and licked for what felt like an eternity until he was so close to bursting that he was willing to agree to anything just for a release. Anything at all if she’d only let him finally have an orgasm. She could see the pleading in his eyes, pulled the gag from his mouth and extracted the damp cloth. “Yes? Want to say something? ”

“Please stop. I’ve never felt anything like this! I’ll do whatever you want!” Alison Archer smiled in reply, pressed her face close to his and whispered: “I live next door. To the left as you stand at the front of this house. You come round Friday evening and be my submissive until Sunday evening. Ok?”

Gordon nodded his agreement and Alison Archer sucked so hard and so quickly that his penis felt like a tree getting pulled up by the roots, before she sat up and sprayed the most intense orgasm he’d ever experienced up over his chest and watched it drip down the left left side of his ribcage onto the bed.

Alison Archer stood up, opened the bedroom door, turned and laughed. “And have that lot on when you come round on Friday.” she said as she walked out of the room, closed the door quietly behind her, and left a bound, lingerie-wearing Gordon Lister staring up at the ceiling and wondering how long it would be before someone came to untie him.

It was about an hour later when the door opened and the other two women he’d seen downstairs stepped in, sniggered and picked up what he assumed was their own underwear from the chair in the corner and placed it in their clutch bags. They then turned to face each other, and laughed as they pulled out lipstick, eye liner pencils and cell phones.

Gordon didn’t speak as they took a series of pictures, wrote on his chest, took some more pictures, wrote on his face, took some more pictures, until one of them finally said: “All we have to do now is find out who you are, and unless you agree to …. well …. we’ll come to some …. let’s call it an arrangement where we agree not to do anything with the pictures and you agree to …. well whatever we say….”

She grinned as her friend walked back over to the chair the underwear had been on. “Are these your clothes?” she said turning to face him. He didn’t speak. He didn’t want to admit that they were, but he couldn’t see any point in denying it as the woman already had his trousers in her hands and was going thru the pockets. She pulled out his wallet and showed his driver’s licence to her friend who nodded approvingly. “He lives on the same street as my daughter. Couldn’t be more convenient.” “Perfect.” replied her friend as they smiled at each other and turned to Gordon, “We’ll be in touch. We know where you live.”

They left the room laughing and Gordon was once again all alone and staring helplessly up at the ceiling.

An hour later Carol Evans came back in the room and untied his left wrist. “Take that lot off and go clean yourself up. Then come down stairs and prepare Christmas dinner. Naked. Understand?” “Yes mistress,” He replied quietly.

Gordon Lister did as he’d been told and spent the next six hours cooking, serving and cleaning while Carol Evans sat in a large comfortable chair chatting to her friends and ordering him around, before telling him to go back upstairs, change the sheets on her bed and wait for her.

He sat on the bed in silence for close to three hours before she entered the room, stared at him, slowly undressed, lay on the bed behind him and commanded “Now fuck me!” Once again, Gordon Lister did as he’d been told, and seconds after Carol Evan’s shuddering climax, had one of his own and fell soundly asleep.


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