Serial · Story

The Happiest Birthday – part two

He felt sweat begin to form on his forehead as Janet Patterson pulled a pair of the largest scissors he’d ever seen from the still-open drawer and grinned down at him. “You said you weren’t taking any clothes off, but nobody said anything about me not doing it for you. And as you’ve volunteered to be tied up for my birthday, of which there’s still thirteen hours of it left, it would be breaking our arrangement if I unfastened anything.”

He looked down as Janet Patterson slowly unfastened his shirt and cut the sleeves from the collar to the cuffs so that what was left of it could be pulled from underneath him. She threw it towards the furthest corner of the room and popped the buttons at the top of his denims before sliding the cold steel of a scissor blade against his leg and cutting his trousers in half. She did the same with his other leg, before untying his shoelaces, removing his shoes and socks and leaving him naked except for his Y-fronts.

“For my birthday you said,” grinned Janet Patterson, “and it’s not yet eleven am. But as I’ve got a party to host later, we’ll have to stop in a few hours so that I can get ready.”

Her voice trailed off as she put the scissors back in the drawer and slowly put both hands around his rapidly growing erection, released it from the confines of the restraining material, leant forward and tore his Y-fronts apart at the seams.

Gordon Lister had no idea how long she played with him, or how many times he’d been oh-so-close to the release of an orgasm, but he knew that he’d been edged, sucked, stroked, scratched, rubbed and edged again to such an extent that as soon as she gave him the opportunity to beg, he was going to do just that and agree to whatever she wanted.

Many times she looked down at him and asked “Do you want to fuck me Gordon?” before waiting to see him nod furiously and then carrying on with her stroking, scratching, licking and sucking as his back arched and his lower body ached with such intense pain that he craved a release of any sort.

Finally, she unfastened the gag from his mouth. “Beg. Plead. And if you’re convincing…”

Gordon did as he was told. “Please. Please. I’ll do anything. Just let me have some sort of sex! Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeee!”

“Anything Gordon? Even participating in some games with my friends later? So beg me again Gordon,” she said smiling, “and add some compliments. It is a landmark birthday and I’s like a little reassurance that I’m still attractive.”

Gordon vigorously nodded his agreement, begged again, and told her “how beautiful she was”, “how sexy she was”, “how she had a figure women half her age would envy” as she continued to play with the tip of his erection and repeatedly told him to carry on until she stood up, lifted her skirt with one hand and pulled her underwear down her legs with the other.

She stepped out of the no-longer-crisp-white panties, up onto the bed, straddled him, lowered herself down, pushed his erection inside her and shuddered as he exploded with an intensity he’d never felt before. Janet Patterson then rolled to one side, took off her floral print summer dress and crisp white bra,  and walked out of the room leaving him dribbling all over the inside of his thigh.

She came back twenty minutes later still wet from a shower. She had a towel wrapped round her hair and a small face cloth in one hand which she rubbed over Gordon’s thighs, stomach, chest and face and then used the towel from her head to wipe him dry.

“Can you untie me now please?” asked Gordon exhaustedly. “You’ve got what you wanted.”


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