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The Happiest Birthday – part three

Janet Patterson reached down and patted his forehead. “Sorry Gordon, a deal’s a deal. You agreed to be tied up for my birthday and there’s ten hours or so of it still left. And of course I’ve got my party to get ready for, so you just lie there and watch.”

Neither of them spoke as Gordon watched Mrs Patterson put on her make-up and what even Gordon could tell was very expensive silk underwear, pull her greying shoulder-length hair into a tight pony-tail, put on a dress that looked like it cost more than he made in a month, before finally choosing, rejecting and eventually selecting a vertiginous pair of black stiletto heels.

“How do I look?” She said smiling as she put the ball gag back in place without waiting for a reply and taking a blindfold from the drawer where she’d put the scissors. “Ironically, this is called a sleep mask,” she said placing it over his eyes and pulling the elastic strap behind his head.

He heard her leave the room and close the door to his left and started to wonder why the sleep mask was “ironic”. He assumed that the gag was to stop him alerting her guests to his presence when they arrived, but he wouldn’t have done that anyway as he didn’t know who would find him, and was quite happy to wait until Mrs Patterson brought him something to wear prior his joining in with the party games. But the blindfold? The curtains were drawn and the room was empty so unless the blindfold was to help him sleep it made no sense at all; but why would it then be “ironic”.

Gordon Lister spent the next three hours listening to cars arrive, the doorbell ring, greetings, muffled hilarity and party music before he heard several sets of quiet footsteps on the stairs, followed by the opening of the bedroom door and the giggles and stifled laughter of several women.

He suddenly worked out why he was unable to see and would have smiled had he been able. Obviously the blindfold was there so that some of Mrs Patterson’s friends could get a thrill from looking at him naked without any possibility of embarrassment as he’d no way of knowing which of her guests had entered the room.

The thought of women admiring his gym-hardened body immediately caused an erection which in turn caused the giggles to his left to start again, and as they subsided was followed by an instruction he knew meant that he’d got his assumption about the purpose of the blindfold wrong. Very, very wrong.

He heard Janet Patterson say very firmly “He’s agreed to play, but I haven’t told him who else has, and as he can’t see, won’t know who you are unless you tell him.  So no toys or anything like that, no unfastening of anything and strictly ten minutes each team. Whoever’s in here if he comes has lost and pays for next week’s trip to the coast.”

He was beginning to wonder what “team” meant as twenty fingernails scratched down the inside of his thighs and ten more ran across his chest. His back arched from the sensations and his arms strained against the metal handcuffs as an unseen tongue licked the inside of his left ear, and another one licked his right nipple.

Gordon felt hands all over him, and what he was sure were three tongues licking every part of his body: sometimes in unison, sometimes in turn, but always hot, always enthusiastic, and always keeping him so, so close, but so, so far from what he could feel would be a more intense orgasm than the one he’d had earlier.

He tried to work out who these women might be from the muffled sound of their voices as they whispered plans and giggled at the success of what they’d been doing, but all he could be sure of was they had a plan: “get him so close to the edge that when the next team came in, he’ll go off as soon as they touched him.”

Gordon Lister spent ten agonising minutes deciding that he didn’t really care who they were, but he really hoped that their plan worked as he felt as if he could burst at any moment, and the pain of frustration was worse than anything he’d ever experienced before.

It didn’t.

The unseen hands and tongues that followed had the same plan. And so did the hands and tongues that followed after them. Each set expertly taking him so, so close to the edge, and bringing him back just when he thought his ordeal was about to be over.

He couldn’t tell how many “teams” had played with him, or even if the “teams” had been comprised of the same few women in different order, but just as he was about to pass out Janet Patterson pulled the blindfold from his eyes and unfastened the gag from the back of his head.

“Ten minutes to midnight Gordon,” she said allowing her dress to fall to the floor. “That gives you ten minutes to give me a happy ending, and if you manage that I’ll give you one.”

She stepped out of her shoes and pushed the back lace underwear down to the floor next to her dress and stepped forward wearing only a black bra, stockings and a suspender belt. “Understand?”

Gordon nodded as hard and as fast as he could before Mrs Patterson climbed up on the bed and lowered herself down onto his face. “Nine minutes now Gordon. The quicker you get me off…well the more time you’ll have before I just untie you and walk away.”

He licked and sucked as Janet Patterson writhed and moaned, and just when he thought he was about to run out time, he felt her orgasm with such ferocity that the pain in his ears matched the pain in his groin. “Very good Gordon,” she said smiling, “eleven fifty eight. Will two minutes be enough?”

She slid down his chest and pushed his throbbing erection somewhere warmer, more welcoming, more pleasurable and more pleasant that any place he’d ever imagined, leant forward and kissed him tenderly as he exploded with over ninety seconds to spare before collapsing back exhausted and falling into a deep, deep sleep.

He awoke to fell sunlight streaming in through the open window and saw a new pair of trousers, a new shirt and a pair of boxers folded neatly on a chair by the right of the bed. “I’ve been shopping,” said a voice to his left, “I got your sizes from the rags before I threw them away.”

Janet Patterson was stood smiling cradling a cup of coffee in her hands, and wearing another innocent-looking floral-print dress which was just thin enough for Gordon Lister to make out another plain white bra and pants set underneath it.

“You might want to put some cream on your wrists,” she said nodding towards him, “they’re a bit of a mess I’m afraid. Sorry about that.”

He rubbed each of the red marks in turn as he sat up and shook his head: “They’ll be ok. But why did you do all that? What happened last night? I didn’t agree to any of it! Who were the….?”

Janet Patterson’s smile turned to a rueful grin. “Well actually you did agree. Maybe not explicitly, but you did agree. And yesterday was my birthday, and tormenting, teasing, edging is what I like to do. And so do my friends. But as you don’t know who they are….” She started laughing before continuing, “Well actually you do know quite a few of them, or rather you don’t, if you see what I mean, but when I rang round after my shower yesterday to tell them you were all ready and willing to join in the party fun, they were very enthusiastic. Something to do with them fancying you as well, but as it was my birthday they all agreed to ….. well you know what they agreed to.”

Gordon Lister dressed very slowly. “That’s not exactly true Mrs Patterson. You tricked me, put me under such an unbearable strain that I’d say anything, even things you now claim to be interpreting in ways we both know wasn’t how they were meant, and then invited your friends round to molest me. So I’d like to know who they were so that I can tell …”

Janet Patterson interrupted his protestations: “Tell who what? My friends were invited by post over a week ago and nobody’s going to admit that yesterday’s calls were just to say that we could have more fun if everybody left their husbands at home. So even if you could name names, who’d believe that a young man well over six feet tall covered in muscles could be taken advantage of by a woman several inches shorter and about 100 pounds lighter?”

Gordon Lister walked round the bed, put his hands underneath Janet Patterson’s armpits and lifted her up off the floor so that their noses touched. He kissed her gently on the lips and whispered: “I’d like you to tell me who else was involved so that I can tell them that if they’d like me to attend any of their parties, all they have to do is ask…”


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