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Emma’s Family’s Values: Epilogue

Gordon woke to find that Emma had untied the scarves from his wrists and ankles, and was now gently rubbing some sort of ointment into the bites and scratches covering his naked body. “Shush,” she whispered when he tried to speak, “you just lie there and rest.”

He nodded and tried to work out whether the faint scent of strawberries was coming from his girlfriend or the towel she was using to dry the sweat from his hair. “Thank you for that Gordon,” she said tenderly stroking his face, “As soon as you agreed to do what the agreement said, I knew you’d worked out what it really meant.”

He didn’t reply. Not because he’d been told not to speak or because he was trying to rest, but because he didn’t know what it was he was supposed to have worked out. All he could remember was signing an agreement allowing him to be used for the sexual gratification of a mother and daughter, and then even though he’d been wrong in his expectation as to who one of the women was going to be, having the best sex of his life.

“Mom and Grammy will be back soon to see who you want to do what with,” said Emma waving a sheet of A4 about, “and neither of them can argue with this. Honouring oaths, contracts and promises is very important to everybody in my family. This one was all their idea, but it means that whatever we do, I won’t be breaking that promise to my mother and you’ll only be doing what this allows you to.”

He still didn’t understand. He didn’t know what promise Emma was referring to, nor what it was that he could now do, as the only thing he thought he’d learned in last few hours was that having a taut, toned, athletic figure ran in the Wilson family since all three had bodies other women would envy. What he’d happily signed earlier allowed her mother to do whatever she’d wanted with him, but he’d agreed in the expectation that Emma would follow, not her grandmother who had rebuffed his attempt at a protest with “it’s not my fault you misunderstood what you signed, but since you’ve agreed to be used by me in any way I want, and as there’s a lot of ways I want to use you, you might as well save your strength and stop complaining”.

He recognized the agreement from earlier and read each line half-a-dozen times, even though he knew every word, and knew who each of the four signatories at the bottom were, even if one of them was little more than an illegible scribble.

I Gordon Lister …. agree …..used for the sexual gratification …on condition that …. … nobody but the mother and/or daughter…after which one of the undersigned at his choosing would … etc, etc…

And then he smiled as he worked out the two reasons why his absolutely stunning girlfriend, a woman so attractive that she had no equal in the town where they lived, was smiling at him. When Mrs Wilson’s mother had taped the agreement to the pillar above his left wrist, there had been three signatures: his own, Mrs Jo Wilson’s and the one added by whatever her mother was called, but now there were four, and the one at the bottom was definitely Emma’s.

He now understood that not only was she no longer obligated by a promise ‘not to do anything with any man until her mother had done it first’, he had a written agreement which included Emma’s carefully worded statement that ‘one of the undersigned at his choosing would do whatever he wanted’..


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