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Emma’s Family’s Values: Two Compliance and Competition

He watched Mrs Wilson silently undress, quivered each time she dragged a piece of clothing fleetingly across his naked body, and stared into her eyes when she finally stepped out of her shoes and leant over him wearing nothing but bright red underwear.

She stroked his face with one hand as her daughter had done earlier, and whispered breathlessly in his ear. “Nothing else comes off until you’re begging me to fuck you,” she said stepping back and pausing so that he could see her grinning, “and even then it’ll only be when I’ve had enough of listening to you begging me to fuck you……and then they’ll get stuffed in your mouth so I can’t hear you begging me to fuck you while I lick, stroke, suck, bite and scratch every inch of your naked body, and by that point you’ll want it more than anything you’ve ever wanted at any time in your life…..and then, when I’m so wet I can’t take it anymore, I’ll take them out and sit on your face until …. until I’m ready to get off. And then maybe, just maybe, if you’ve put enough effort in I might finally fuck you as a reward, but it shouldn’t take long. I doubt that you could last a minute inside me…”

He didn’t speak. Just stared up at the ceiling and wondered whether she’d agreed some sort of competition with her daughter, and if they’d decided to let him pick the winner, as well letting him be the prize.

Mrs Wilson then did exactly as she’d promised: she licked, stroked, sucked, bit, scratched and whispered obscenities in his ear for nearly an hour as he writhed in a mixture of pleasure and frustration until she decided that she’d heard enough of his begging, and peeled her sodden panties down her legs, stuffed them in his mouth and tied them firmly in place with another brightly colored silk scarf.

She then sat upright on his chest, turned towards his feet and carried on licking, scratching, stroking and rubbing until she couldn’t wait any longer. She spun round, untied the scarf, pulled out the gag, positioned herself carefully on his mouth, grabbed hold of his erection with her right hand and pulled his head forwards and upwards with her left, screaming so loudly that Gordon knew that not only would anyone in the room next door have heard, so would anyone downstairs.

He didn’t have to lick for long before the first of Mrs Wilson’s orgasms cascaded down his chin and onto his neck, but the second, third and fourth took progressively longer until she finally fell backwards with exhaustion, and then sat almost instantly upright, grinned at him and grabbed his penis with her left hand. Still grinning, she stepped over him, sat down and pushed his throbbing, painful erection deep inside somewhere warm, moist and welcoming, and within seconds his own violent orgasm had triggered a release which combined pleasure with pain in a way he’d never felt before.

Jo Wilson grinned at the satisfaction of seeing her prediction that he wouldn’t last minute come true, and rolled back laughing onto the bed beside him as she looked over his shoulder towards the corner of the room.

He heard the door open and turned expecting to see his girlfriend, but in his fatigued state could only make out two hands covered in rings taping a piece of paper to the pillar opposite his left shoulder. He stared at it and tried to focus. It was the agreement from earlier, but it now had three signatures: one of which was too much of a scribble to be legible.

“You must be Gordon,” said the woman slowly undressing at the side of the bed, “thank you for agreeing to do this. There aren’t many men your age that would have any sort of sex at all with a woman my age, never mind let me do some of the things that I’m going to do with you.”

He didn’t even attempt to speak. Partly because he was too exhausted and partly because he was stunned at the realization of what it was that he’d actually agreed to as he read the neatly typed sheet of A4 over and over again.

….tied to all four corners of a bed and used for the sexual gratification of the Wilson women signed below on the condition that nobody but the mother and/or daughter…after which one of the undersigned at his choosing would … etc, etc…

Jo Wilson continued laughing as she climbed up off the bed and collected her clothes while her mother grinned down at him and started to explain very slowly that it had been just over twenty years since her husband had passed away, that her underwear wasn’t coming off until he was begging her fuck him, and even then only to stuff in his mouth when she’d had enough of listening to him begging her to fuck him while she licked, stroked, sucked, bit and scratched every inch of his naked body until she was finally ready for him to give her everything she’d been missing since before Emma was born.

Jo Wilson stopped in the doorway and interrupted: “And that third thing I almost told you Gordon? That it’s been such a long time since mother had a man to play with, that she might …. um… take advantage of the situation. And as we’ve all agreed that she can keep playing until you splurt all over the place, I’m going shopping with Emma to buy her something very expensive as a thank you. I will of course be back to see if you want me and not her to spend the rest of the day with you, but you’ll probably just want to sleep.”

She started laughing again as she closed the door, while Emma Wilson’s grandmother licked, stroked, sucked, bit and scratched until her first orgasm came just from hearing a man begging her to fuck him, followed rapidly by three more which came from sitting on the face of a man who so desperately wanted his throbbing penis pushed somewhere warm, moist and welcoming that he’d been more than willing to lick harder and faster than at any other time in his life.


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