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The Key Party – 3

Neither of them spoke during the five minute journey to Alison Kowalski’s house, where Janet Osborne paid and then gently shoved Gordon out of the door leaving a bemused taxi driver to puzzle over why a muscular young man had his hands cuffed behind his back and was getting pushed around by an extremely well-dressed woman approximately twice his age.

They walked up the drive towards a large white door which Janet Osborne opened without knocking, and stepped into a house far quieter than the party noise Gordon Lister had been expecting. “We’re here!” shouted Janet Osborne pushing Gordon forward as three women strode out of a room to his left: each one dressed in formal black outfits more suited to a business meeting than a party.

“Is one of you Alison?” asked Gordon as the three women looked him up and down and nodded at each other. “I am,” said the one in the middle, “Why?” “Er, happy birthday,” he said, puzzled, “Or have I misunderstood something?” The four women laughed in unison as Alison Kowalski spluttered an amused reply, “Well thank you, and yes you probably have!”

Janet Osborne pushed him forward as they followed a still-laughing Alison Kowalski into the main room while the other two women linked their arms with his. “Well this is even better than we expected,” said the woman on his right, “It’s so nice of you to agree to this. We got so excited when Janet told us about you that we’d quite forgotten what the occasion is.” Gordon glanced around the room expecting it to be full, but the five of them were the only ones there. “Told you what about me? And where is everybody?” he asked trying to turn to round to face Janet Osborne.

“Everybody?” said Alison Kowalski sounding puzzled, “There’s only us. Who were you expecting?” “Mrs Osborne told me that the invitees were coming with a padlocked or handcuffed escort, and we were going to play some games to win the keys. Something about you being forty two and not twenty one and wanting to put a twist on some old tradition.”

Janet Osborne leant forward and whispered in his ear. “I do believe that I told you everyone with a padlocked or handcuffed escort was going to throw a key in a bowl and then we’d play some games. Well, as you can see,  you’re the only escort. But don’t try to claim that you’ve been misled or anything as I didn’t say how many other people would be here, or whether they were bringing anybody. And it’s hardly my fault that you were too busy salivating over my legs and trying to look down my breasts to even think to ask.”

The other three women started laughing as Gordon began to protest, “I’ve been tricked and you all know it, so will you please give me the key to these handcuffs?”

Janet Osborne took the pile of small keys from her clutch bag that he’d seen three days earlier and dropped them in a small bowl. “Now where would the fun be in that? Alison wants to party. Well, we all do actually. And we all want to party with a handsome, muscular young man like you. And you did say earlier that you’d join in.”

Gordon continued to protest: “I don’t mind playing games, but why is Mrs Osborne the only one of you dressed up like it’s a party and why do my hands need to be cuffed behind my back?”

“Well we didn’t have the time to change when Janet rang, but we don’t need to get dressed up for the sort of party we have in mind anyway,” replied Alison smiling, “And Janet’s only dressed up like she is because your mother had rung to say you were going round, so she quickly put on an outfit that would help her convince you to be ready to play”.

“And as for the handcuffs, we like it that way,” said the woman on Gordon’s left brushing her hair back behind her ears, “It means we’re in control and you’re not. And why should we unlock you anyway? You were daft enough to let Janet do it to you, and you being so helpless is rather funny. You must be able to se that?” “Yes,” he replied sheepishly, “But please give me the key. You’ve had your fun now.”

“That’s not exactly true,” said the woman to his left, “Or even remotely come to think of it. Ever since Janet rang and told us about you we’ve been coming up with all sorts of ideas to make the evening a bit special, and messing about looking for the key now would be well… something of a disappointment.”

Gordon didn’t know what to say, and was trying to evaluate how easy it would be to get out of the house with both hands locked behind his back when Alison Kowalski made a proposal: “How about we play just one game with you like that? We don’t know which one of the keys in that bowl unlocks those cuffs anyway, but afterwards you can pick out and try as many as you want.”

“So are these my mother’s handcuffs!” exclaimed Gordon as he realised that the only keys in the bowl were the ones Janet had just put there. “Yes,” replied Janet Osborne trying not to laugh, “she gave me the handcuffs before you walked in on us the other day, but didn’t know exactly which key we needed to unlock them, so she gave me every one she could find that was similar. We did have plans for different sort of party, but after I met you the other day, had been wondering about maybe doing something else. Then when your mother rang earlier to see if I was at home, I sensed an opportunity…..”

Alison Kowalski sniggered an interruption. “For a party! And as you’re the only man here and there’s four women, how about we blindfold you, then one of us gives you a kiss, and if you guess who it was, you get the bowl full of keys?”

Gordon thought about it for a minute, looked at the four attractive women smiling back at him, and couldn’t see a downside other than the one in four chance of being right. “Okay, but how can I guess without knowing everybody’s names, and what if I’m wrong?” “Well, you know who me and Janet are,” replied Alison, “and leaving a bit of mystery makes things a bit more exciting don’t you think? And we can have a forfeit for a wrong guess.”

He nodded,  not to accept, but to show that he understood, as one of the women who’d not introduced herself walked round behind him “And the forfeit is your pants come off, then we have another go.”

He was still trying to process what she meant while she put her hands over his eyes and whispered. “Even fairer than a blindfold You know it’s not me kissing you.” He just had time to take a deep breath just before hot, wet lips and a tongue which moved around his mouth like an eel gave him the most passionate, most erotic, most emotionally charging kiss he’d ever felt.

“Er, Mrs Osborne?” he said more in hope than any sort of expectation. “No,” said a very firm voice to his left as the woman stood behind him removed her hands from his eyes and yanked his trousers to floor as the other unnamed woman stood laughing in front of him. “Next guess, ” said the voice from behind him as a par of soft, delicate  hands went back over his eyes, and all thoughts of standing partially-clothed vanished along with his ability to see.

He felt an instant embarrassing erection straining at his boxers as another intense passionate kiss aroused him even more than he thought possible. “Er, was that one Mrs Osborne?” he asked, still hoping that the woman who’d persuaded him to come found him as attractive as he did her. “Still no,” replied Janet firmly as the woman behind him knelt down and pulled his boxers to the floor while Alison Kowalski stood clapping and pointing.

He suddenly felt humiliated, embarrassed and full of regret for the arrogance he’d displayed earlier, as Janet Osborne guided him towards the bowl of keys. “They’re all yours,” she said laughing, “but none of them fit those handcuffs. Your mother and me had tried them all when you walked in on us the other day, so you’re not going to get out of them, but we might as well have some fun while one of us thinks of something!”

Gordon Lister didn’t even bother to try any of the keys: he knew none of them would unlock the handcuffs. He stood silently with his head bowed as all four women laughed, pointed and congratulated each other, and started to wonder how long they were going to keep him like that.

“And now our games can really start,” said Janet Osborne reaching forward and stroking the tip of his erection, “we’re going keep this at full size, and you so close to an orgasm that you’re desperately writhing, squirming and begging for us to stop, and then not stop and finish you off, or let you go, or carry on …”

They all started laughing hysterically as one of the women reached forward, grabbed his penis in the palm of her hand and started to jerk it backwards and forwards until just as he felt about to climax, she suddenly stopped. The pain was excruciating. He’d never felt so close to an orgasm, and yet somehow so very far away.

The four women spent the next two hours taking it turns to hold him while the others, stroked him, kissed him, scratched their nails all over his stomach and down legs, while he writhed, squirmed and begged for some sort of release that he could tell they had no intention of allowing him.

It was almost ten, and the pain in Gordon’s abdomen was so intense that he would have agreed to absolutely anything had any of the women asked, when the shortest of the two unnamed women sighed and nodded towards Alison: “I’ve got worked up enough. How about you? Shall we go upstairs?” Alison Kowalski laughed in reply, took her friend by the hand and led her out of the room leaving Gordon to frantically beg the other two women to finish what they’d started now the game was over.

Janet Osborne grinned, stepped forward, and whispered a proposal in his ear to which he agreed to in an instant. She then nodded towards the bowl, and shook his penis so rapidly that within seconds he’d exploded with relief into the bowl the other woman was now holding in front of his stomach.

They congratulated each other with laughter and high-fives while Gordon Lister collapsed into a heap and struggled  to pull his trousers up from around his ankles. He staggered upright and was about speak when both women stepped forward, grabbed an arm each and forced him towards the front door. Janet Osborne opened it, whispered a reminder of what she’d said a few minutes earlier, pushed him outside and then quietly closed the door behind him.




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