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The Unseen Outcome

Gordon Lister heard footsteps on the stairs. There was a slight pause followed by the bedroom door opening, followed by what sounded like a gasp of surprise. He didn’t know who had just walked in, but he was fairly certain that it wasn’t his girlfriend Jenny as she knew that he was naked, blindfolded and tied to her bed because she’d left him there only a few minutes earlier.

She had just finished making sure he couldn’t move and couldn’t see when they’d heard her mother return unexpectedly from a shopping trip and announce her arrival with the invitation to come downstairs and meet her friends. Jenny had insisted that there was no time to release him as her mother obviously knew she was home, but that it wouldn’t be a good idea for her to find out that Gordon was there. She’d hurriedly explained how embarrassing it would be for her mother as everybody would know they’d been having sex, and that it might even lead to her father finding out.

She’d told Gordon that he’d have to stay there quietly until she had the chance to untie him and then sneak him out somehow, left the room, closed the door and gone downstairs leaving Gordon straining to listen to snippets of half-heard conversations.

Gordon didn’t speak. He wasn’t gagged, but without being able to see who had just walked in, he didn’t know what to say. He heard faint footsteps cross the carpet towards him, felt the presence of an unseen figure lean over him, and then stifled a groan as what he thought was a woman’s hand stroke his hardening penis: his instant erection throbbed at her touch as he heard what sounded like an almost guttural purr of approval or satisfaction somewhere above his head.

He left the faint brushing of hairs along his stomach followed by the audible click of a camera phone. He then felt the unseen woman stand up, and listened silently as she walked out of the room, closed the door behind her and turned a key he hadn’t noticed when Jenny had led him into the bedroom twenty minutes earlier.

He lay on the bed wondering who had found him, why she’d not spoken, what exactly she’d taken a picture of, and what she intended to with it before sniggering to himself as he remembered what Jenny had said when she’d persuaded him to let her tie him up: “I know that you like mysteries and if you’re blindfolded you won’t have any idea what’s going to happen until it does, and afterwards you’ll be thinking about it for hours.”

He started to wonder why the door had been locked, and began to think that maybe one of Jenny’s mother’s friends had found him and taken the key to his girlfriend to stop him being found accidently by one of the others. That seemed reasonable as it would save embarrassment all round, particularly if the woman was friendly with Jenny, but why the photograph? And why get him fully aroused before taking it?

Gordon strained to hear what was being said downstairs, but could only make out the occasional sound of laughter and intermittent chinking of what he thought were probably wine glasses. He couldn’t be sure, but guessed that it was around thirty minutes before he heard the barely audible sound of footsteps coming up the stairs, followed by the quiet click of the key turning in the lock of the bedroom door.

Whoever entered didn’t speak, but Gordon knew from the faint scent of perfume that it was the same woman who had been in the room earlier. He felt her presence as she stood at the side of the bed, heard the rustle of clothing, and then felt what he thought was a fully-clothed woman climb up on top of him.

He felt a finger pushed against his lips, hair drape across his face as whoever it was bent forward and whispered very quietly in his ear: “Shhh. Don’t make a sound.” He did as he’d been told, as not only did the voice sound to be in some vague way almost threatening, his girlfriend had been very clear that he shouldn’t alert anybody downstairs to his presence.

He soon realised that the woman straddling him wasn’t fully-clothed at all. He could feel her skirt, shoes and what were probably thigh-highs rubbing against his legs, but she’d removed whatever else she’d had on. She wasn’t wearing any underwear and as soon as his erection sprung to full size in response the stimulation of a warm female body rubbing against him, she lifted her skirt with one hand, and pushed him deep inside her warm, moist, welcoming body with the other.

Gordon Lister was now too stunned to speak. Some unknown, unseen woman had just decided to use him for sex, and he felt helpless in so many ways. He couldn’t shout out, he couldn’t resist, and despite not agreeing to anything that was happening to him, he didn’t want her to stop.

He lay there, totally unable to move as the unseen, unknown woman sat on top of him writhed herself to ecstasy, and finally climaxed with a succession of stifled moans as she raked her fingernails down his chest. She then stepped carefully off the bed, leaving Gordon frustrated at being so close to an orgasm of his own, leant forward and whispered “Thank you” in his ear, before putting back on the underwear he guessed must have been dropped on the floor beside him.

The unseen woman then walked out of the room, closed the door and locked it again, and left Gordon desperately hoping his girlfriend would hurry back to release either his frustration or his hands.

It was quite a while later when his throbbing erection had almost gone when he heard the door unlock and then open. He heard quiet footsteps walk towards him, followed by Jenny lifting his blindfold and untying his wrists. “They’ve all gone,” she said, “now hurry before mum comes back from collecting my dad at the station.”

He sat upright, untied his ankles, got off the bed and dressed as quickly as he could. He gave Jenny a peck on the cheek, said he’d call her when he got home, ran down the stairs and sprinted home to the shower as fast as he could.

He spent ten minutes soaping himself down while thinking about what had happened in last hour or so , and then while still naked stepped out of the shower and called his girlfriend: “Why did your mother take that selfie?”

Jenny Carter took a long deep breath and replied, “Sorry Gordon, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“It’s ok,” he said very calmly, “I really don’t mind what happened. Well, except for having to run home to …er…. do something one of you two really ought to have done, but other than that, it was a fun afternoon. You were right, I do like mysteries, and as you promised, I’d got no idea what was going to happen until it did. All I can’t work out is why your mother took the selfie.

Jenny Carter took another long deep breath. “Do you want to tell me what you’re talking about?”

“Ok,” laughed Gordon, “but then I want you to tell me why your mother took the selfie. Firstly, I knew something was going on when your mother just invited you down to meet her friends without even asking if you were home when she got back from shopping, which means she knew you were in. I might have thought that her arrival just happened to coincide with you finishing tying me up, but I realised that the two of you must have arranged the timing as whoever came upstairs came directly to the room I was in and so must have known that I was there. Maybe you’d arranged that in advance, or told her when you went downstairs, but that bit doesn’t matter. Either way, she knew where to go and what she was going to find as she took a calming second or two before opening the door. Thirdly, who other than someone who lives in a house locks a door and takes a key? I don’t remember seeing the key earlier so your mother might have brought it upstairs with her, but even if it was already in the lock, nobody but you or your mother would have turned it and taken the key. Fourth, when you untied me you didn’t mention these deep red scratches on my chest, and as they weren’t there when you tied me up, it means you weren’t at all surprised to see them. And if you expected to see them it follows that you know what the woman who left them does during sex. Seems likely to me that you’ve seen similar marks on your father. Anything I’ve missed except the selfie? That’s the only bit I can’t work out.”

Jenny Carter started laughing. “So you knew right from the start? Thank you for going along with our little deception. She’s been feeling depressed since dad ran off with that bimbo secretary of is and really wanted to fuck a much younger man, but didn’t want to go out and find one who might have embarrassed her later. So it was either some anonymous dating thing, or doing what we did. I’ll reward you in whatever way you want. And that’s a promise!”

Gordon started laughing as well, and asked again about the selfie.

Jenny replied, “Mum had been excited all day about fucking a much younger man, and had told her friends that she’d been given one as a birthday present but they didn’t know you were my boyfriend or anything. Anyway, she couldn’t wait to see what you looked like naked so that’s why she came to the bedroom as soon as she got home, and then took the selfie because she wanted to gloat. All her friends were jealous by the way and wanted to know who arranged you for her, and what would they need to do to get themselves some helpless sex toy. Having them all talking about the things they’d not hesitate to do with you if given the chance got mum so worked up anticipating what she was going to do that she almost came in the kitchen, so she rushed upstairs and quickly fucked you while they sat around discussing how lucky she was.”

Gordon laughed again, asked Jenny to confirm that she’d do whatever it was he asked of her in appreciation of his complicity, and sat down to think about the reward he was going to get.

Jenny had told him to take his time thinking about what he wanted her to do, but he already knew. He’d got no idea how many of her mother’s friends had been downstairs, and could only guess how they wanted to use him, but he was absolutely certain that his reward from Jenny was going be getting her to arrange for him to be a helpless sex toy for every one of them….



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